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Good bye Qassem. I wonder if the lesson will be learned in Iran? Likely not. But the sanctions will continue with more vigor now and the trashed Iranian economy won’t be getting any better. There will be a lot of coverage of reciprocity with the elimination of Qassem Suleimani and his entourage at the Baghdad Airport. Suleimani was a big figure in the world of international terrorism. More here from Foreign Policy.
(NY Times) The commander, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, who led the powerful Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, was killed along with several officials from Iraqi militias backed by Tehran when an American MQ-9 Reaper drone fired missiles into a convoy that was leaving the airport. 
General Suleimani was the architect of nearly every significant operation by Iranian intelligence and military forces over the past two decades, and his death was a staggering blow for Iran at a time of sweeping geopolitical conflict.
Mr. Trump, who has repeatedly vowed to end American entanglements in the Middle East, insisted that he did not want war. 
“I don’t think that would be a good idea for Iran. It wouldn’t last very long,” Mr. Trump said. “Do I want to? No. I want to have peace. I like peace.”
Suleimani arrived in Baghdad to oversee terrorist attacks there. Iraq is seen as Iran’s playground and President Trump disabused them of that for the moment. Keep in mind that Suleimani went to BAGHDAD, and was not in Iran, sitting on a barcalounger and watching one of the Ayatollah’s rants on the national tv channel.  
If Iran wants a war, I suspect that something like “rods from God” might end the Ayatollah. No need for nukes.
Kenneth Katzman, a senior Iran analyst at the Congressional Research Service, told The Washington Post in September that Iran still has about $100 billion in reserves, adding that under current conditions that would last the Iranians at least another two years.
But Brian Hook, the U.S. special representative for Iran, said in a December interview with The Wall Street Journal that based on classified intelligence Iran has access to only 10 percent of its foreign exchange reserves due to banking sanctions and that as a result it would struggle to stabilize its currency and keep inflation down.
Iran may see a war with the US as one way to tamp down internal dissent against the government’s disastrous political policies that have led to a ravaged economy. Either way, General Suleimani won’t be overseeing his part of the war. And his successor might consider not traveling abroad. Although, if there is a war, the successor might not last long in Iran. 
There are a number of fifth column types in the US that could cause some trouble.  Lax immigration enforcement over the past decades has made that possible. And that’s not going to turn into a rant here at this point, because you’ve heard it before.  But the war itself might not require boots on the ground. Simply pounding Iran to dust is possible without a kinetic ground war. Mopping up is something else but the US can take its time. Once all of the highways and runways are cratered, the electric power grid is down and the bridges are in the rivers and no more oil infrastructure exists, Iran can be left to itself to suffer. Maybe the people will come up with a better group of leaders? And maybe Iran could be rebuilt in time?
But there is no immediate need for Americans to die in a ground war.

25 thoughts on “A Message to the Ayatollah

  1. +1 for "Rods from God", they shut the Chinese up for a while. A big beautiful urban pond in central Tehran would be a beautiful gift.

  2. The Ayatollah lives in Qom (a holy city). I don't want to shut down your vision of a big beautiful fish pond in downtown Tehran, but we need a matching one in Qom.

  3. I agree with all of this. If anybody recalls, John Kerry when campaigning for the presidency in 2003/4 called for a return to the days when these terrorists were considered by all to be a 'nuisance' rather than an imminent threat. Ask the family members of the victims of Sulemani's attacks how much of a 'nuisance' this guy was.

    It's about time. We have put up with these terrorists killing us for decades, it's time to punch back. I don't care what the Neville Chamberlains of the left have to say about this (or about anything, truth be known).

    It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

  4. Hopefully the Presidential security is on alert. Assassination of the President must be a high priority for many groups and Iranians are no slouches on planning and executing operations, IMO.

  5. Some days, I really just want to give Trump a high-five.
    This is one of those days.

    We should have gotten serious with Iran a long time ago.

  6. Given the past performance of 44, likely Suleimani felt it was safe to visit his friends in Baghdad. Oops. That nasty ol' 45 wasn't near so welcoming.

  7. We could import pirhana for the ponds but it gets cold in the winter in Teheran and they'd likely die off. Maybe just air-drop pig guts?

  8. I think that the Democrats and Mitt Romney want him dead a lot more than the Ayatollah does. And Hillary is no slouch when it comes to planning accidental deaths.

  9. The rag heads underestimate President Trump. So did Hillary. Both are nasty filthy opponents and I don't know who is worse.

  10. The whole entourage that went to meet his airplane – the filthy Shiite scum – went up in a blaze. It was a reckoning. Recall what the Ayatollah said, "You can't do anything." He was wrong.

  11. Old – if I heard correctly, another one had his come to allah meeting a few hours ago, near Baghdad as well. And yet the dems will still try to defend them in spite of their mere presence there is de facto proof that they were up to no good.

  12. Wait, why not solve several problems at once: Frozen pig carcasses, wrapped in a heat shield with a strapped-on guidance system, dropped from orbit via X-37 a la Rods from God. Probably much easier to come by than tungsten rods, and not is the target obliterated, but it's unclean to boot.
    Wandering Neurons

  13. Of course the Private's all pumped up and wants to get in the action. I tell him, "Son, you must re-class as SPACE FORCE."

    Rods from God.

  14. It would be fun to be on the ground floor of the space force because there is nowhere to go but UP.

  15. The hamburgerization of Suleimani won't likely change the situation between Iran and the US. We have been "at war" with them since they invaded our embassy 40 years ago…..and during that entire time Iran has done what little it can to prosecute said war against us. Mostly in the form of fomenting unrest, aiding and abetting terrorism and engaging in piracy against unarmed commercial shipping along with the usual vitriol and invective. The blunt reality is that Iran is not and never has been a viable threat to the US either militarily or economically. In fact they are only a viable threat to their close geographic neighbors and to a lesser extent Israel. Unless of course they eventually succeed in getting working nuclear warheads…..which I have little doubt they are fanatical enough to use. What the death of this terrorist specialist has done is shone the bright light of reality ONCE AGAIN on the commie demonrats in office and their media whores ALL of whom are lamenting and bemoaning the death of a TRUE enemy of America….thus proving that THEY TOO are true enemies of America.

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