The “ism” Fraud
If you talk to progs, it always comes back to the “isms” and to how white people are dragging homosexuals (of all races) behind pick up trucks, how white people are attacking black people and about how white males are raping coeds on campus. The flood of complaints caused the police to start wearing body cameras to thwart the claims of victimhood, and with those cameras, came the revelations that the claims made were almost universally false. 
Enter black actor, Jussie Smollett, who has been charged with filing a false police report. He faces a possible three year sentence and a $25,000 fine. He conspired with two homosexual Nigerian lovers to create a hate crime against him, to compose hate letters, and to falsify an assault, blaming white people who support President Trump.
The incident underscores how the corrupt, lying, evil, smug, sly, filthy mainstream media will publicize anything that furthers the prog agenda without the SLIGHTEST attempt to vet or verify that information. 
Sure there are forty-fifty year old photos of people wearing black face on Halloween to worry about, if you’re inclined to worry about ‘nothing’… and that they all seem to be Democrats make it even more amusing.
North Korea
On 19 February, the Wall Street Journal reported that North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un has exiled, imprisoned or executed suspected opponents of his diplomatic outreach to the US and South Korea. The purge targets reportedly include the donju, the moneyed elite, who are subject to asset seizures, according to a new report that details a purge of some 50 to 70 individuals.
The personnel actions are part of the ongoing anti-corruption campaign that Chairman Kim announced in his New Year’s Day Address in 2018. Corruption includes any counter-revolutionary acts and opposition to Kim’s policies.
Collectively, the reports do not indicate instability, but they do provide evidence of resistance, most often to change. After more than 65 years of daily public indoctrination about the evils of the US and South Korea, the sudden change in policy last year should have caused considerable consternation. However, most personnel changes result from crossing Chairman Kim in some fashion.
One somewhat counterintuitive recent report by The Daily NK, a North Korean defector-run news service, said that the new North Korean middle class, the donju, is against changes to the system. They profit from the limited, mixed system that Chairman Kim has allowed. Most fear they probably could not compete in a true free market, especially against sharp South Korean businessmen. The concern is not unfounded.
Anytime Chairman Kim departs North Korea, as for a summit, the entire country is locked down. Military units in particular, are kept on a short leash less they initiate a coup. A special security period was declared during Kim’s first summit trip to Singapore. There will be another lock-down during the upcoming summit in Vietnam. People are not allowed to leave their immediate home/work location.  The current lock-down will cover the second summit, and will last until the Supreme People’s Assembly convenes in the first week of April.

Global Cooling

Arctic conditions in Arizona have caused the closure of ALL roads that lead to the White Wolf Mine, from all points of the compass. A phone call to a local who is in the area confirms that there is about four feet of snow on the flat with drifting being a problem. If I was there I’d be snowed-in. But I’m in transit back, so I’m snowed-out. Yes, I know this blog’s readers from Florida are laughing, but the glaciers (and if not the gators) may get you eventually.

The empty promises of global warming and the demise of polar bears are just that. The weather tax is a scam. The Maunder Minimum is replaying as sunspots become increasingly rare and Solar activity cools. (more here) (more detailed information here)

“Maunder Minimum” refers to a seven-decade-long period from 1645 to 1715 during which the “grand solar minimum” was characterized by extremely rare sunspots. That time coincided with what is known as the “Little Ice Age.”

So, we’re doomed. And the polar bear population will EXPLODE as they move south, eating as they come.
(Jet Stream) A Virgin Atlantic from Los Angeles to London, Monday night ,flew into a zone of maximum winds, known as a jet streak, embedded within the main jet stream located over central Pennsylvania. That jet, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, cruised at speeds as high as 801 mph over central Pennsylvania. The 801-mph ground speed might be a record for the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which, in the past, has reached speeds as high as 776 mph. I have no idea what this has to do with global cooling, but it must be significant.


  1. C'mon, Juicy, why'd you have to write a CHECK? Looks like Juicy wasn't thinking too, ahem, straight.

    Freezing here in Texas but no snow.

  2. We really don't have enough data yet to determine if we're at the start of another "Maunder Minimum". Several people I've read have indicated they don't think we're entering a period of abnormally low activity, but again, we don't have enough data (observations) to indicate so, and predicting future levels of solar activity is a notoriously unreliable activity.

    The first solar cycle I have direct experience with is Cycle 19, which was just about finished in 1964 when I got my first Amateur Radio license.

    I've seen so many "predictions by experts" over the last 55+ years that were either wrong, very wrong, or laughably wrong, that I think throwing chicken bones in the air and watching them tumble as they fall to Earth is a valid method of "predicting" future solar activity…..

  3. The glaciation is creeping south, LSP.

    The series Empire should be canceled just like Roseann was canceled because of racism.

  4. You may be in for an unusual event, a wet spring in the desert. Early 1970's after a rare wet winter we were traveling on Utah 24 towards Hanksville and noticed all the small cactus were blooming. We stopped to gawk. The scent the flowers were releasing was nearly overpowering.

    Regarding the Norks, all the attention seems to be on their nuke program. Is anyone looking at their chemical and biological programs?

  5. I sincerely hope we aren't entering another little ice age. Given my years, I likely have 10-20 to go on this planet, 30 tops, and I certainly don't want to spend the time I have left listening to the better half complain about being cold.

  6. I wasn't laughing at your being snowed-out of the WWM… OK, maybe there was one isolated snicker in your general direction 😉

    In the meantime, I'll keep an eye out for the poor polar bears that are procreating so fast that they're running out of territory.

  7. People hate change unless they can be certain of benefiting from that change. Kim Jong Un represents the best chance at bringing the Norks out of darkness and into modern society. And he runs the very real risk of being deposed (and likely killed) by people who perceive change as bad for them……kind of like the situation Trump faces with the commie left and their media whore accomplices.

  8. The Spring flowers may be intense this year due to the moisture. Since I like driving around in the desert, it will be a treat.

    The US is intensely focused on all aspects of the North Korean situation including WMD's. I don't know where things will end, but they are going in the right direction for the first time in both of our lives, WSF – and that is remarkable.

  9. She may get cabin fever from being snowed in and will end you before your scheduled time… See, there could be a bright side to all of that. You wouldn't have to listen so long.

  10. The poor bears, so cuddly, so lovable, so sweet…. We need to seen the progs out to commune with them…. and feed them.

  11. True on all counts.

    We live in dangerous times when the FBI mounts a coup to remove a lawfully elected and seated president.

  12. Well, snowed 'in' is cheaper… And we got 550 out of a P-3 once coming from Japan to Hawaii! Bumpy as hell, and a 2 hour orbit once we got there… sigh

  13. The roads are still closed today (Friday) but are said to be opening sometime later in the evening. I'll make a run at it on Friday. I'd rather be in a P-3C, but you can't have everything.

  14. You're safe to say these heretical things like "the weather changes" on this blog without fear of censure, but there are a lot of places where that would border on heresy. You'd be expelled from any decent university. It's like saying that the world isn't flat.

  15. But I'm in transit back, so I'm snowed-out. Yes, I know this blog's readers from Florida are laughing, but the glaciers (and if not the gators) may get you eventually.

    Nah, I'm not laughing. Since I don't ordinarily have to be anywhere, I'd look forward to a little Global Cooling. Never been snowed in anywhere, so it would be a novel experience. It has been in the 80s most of February, with one day that was in the upper 60s. I'm not ready for winter to be over, but it's getting time for spring planting.

    Our houses tend to be poorly insulated, so winter would be rough here. On one vacation, we were talking with a guy in a Utah ski rental shop and he was saying the coldest he has ever been was in Florida during a sub-freezing spell, because of the humidity.

    I used to come down on the side that there really was a peculiar amount of warming, just not sold that it was human-caused. Now I'm less sure there's really warming, and not just weather. I keep seeing people take the NOAA weather series for their city and strip out the temperature adjustment to find there's no warming trend. Many show a century long cooling trend.

    It's like saying yes there is man made global warming, and it was made my one man: James Hansen of NASA who invented all this crap. He adjusted the temperature series and created global warming out of nothing.

  16. The climate changes. The farther you go out, the less actual change you see. Five average volcanoes put out as much CO2 as all of the humans on the planet and their devices. Add coal seam fires and the whole calculus begins to shift. When they can put out coal seam fires and volcanoes, I'll start to churn up more respect for the save the planet from global warming crowd.

    As to pollution, we need to be vigilant and thorough. I feel very differently about that issue.

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