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Twitter Employees – Where will they work next?

Yes, I do know that race, gender, etc. is just a construct.  You can self-identify in any way you like and it – works. That’s the very essence of woke. But how woke will all of the Twitter employees feel when they’re working the night shift under the Golden Arches?

Once they’re set free from their offices in San Francisco (and Twitter relocates to someplace like San Antonio), what will they do for a living? How much call is there for trans-counselors nationwide?


NY Times Want Ad

(Times) Here’s a job opportunity – you could work for the Gray Lady!

The New York Times is seeking to hire a reporter who will cover “right-wing media” and “inhabit corners of the internet that popularize far-right or extremist ideas.”

The newspaper is searching for a politics reporter with a concentration in right-wing media to report critically and fairly on people with extremist views.” The job description said it is searching for a candidate to analyze aspects that “popularize far-right and extremist ideas.”

The New York Times is seeking an experienced, ambitious, and motivated reporter to cover the news outlets, online communities, and influential personalities making up the right-wing media ecosystem that now serves many conservative Americans who no longer rely on the mainstream media to inform themselves,” the job description wrote. “The ideal candidate is resourceful, persuasive, and prepared to inhabit corners of the internet that popularize far-right or extremist ideas, providing our readers with a critical listening post on those ideas before they achieve wider circulation.

Prerequisites include the backbone to withstand aggressive blowback, impeccable journalistic ethics, and the ability to report accurately, critically, and fairly on people with extremist views, the description added.


Joe Brandon Unfit

Do you need a poll to decide that?

(Breitbart) A majority of voters believe President Joe Biden is not fit to be president and doubt his mental ability, a Monday Harris poll revealed.

Though Biden is nearing 80 years old, he plans to run again in 2024. Biden reportedly told Barack Obama he intends to run because he feels he is the only Democrat who can defeat Donald Trump.

Biden’s decision to run in 2024 comes as many videos in the last few weeks have shown the president disoriented and confused. On the Monday after Easter Sunday, Biden had to be guided away from a crowd by an Easter Bunny.


Identify the Aircraft


US Military Presence Globally


Yesterday’s Map

The Russian sectors are misleading. While they do control those areas, their axis of control is transportation routes. Outside of those their actual control varies.


French Indochina

The French influence over their possessions led to dramatic, positive changes in the quality of the food. Don’t hate me because I speak the truth.


HMS Ascension – a stone sloop of war of the smaller classes

That the Royal Navy liked to give their ships somewhat unusual names is well known since HMS Pickle or HMS Cockchafer.  That a rock was sometimes declared a ship is also known since HMS Diamond Rock. However, there was also HMS Ascension – a stone sloop of war of the smaller classes. A so-called stone frigate was naval slang for a prison.

It wasn’t a prison, but it wasn’t a ship in the true sense of the word either. On the contrary, Ascension is actually called Ascension Island, and as the name suggests, it is an 88 km² volcanic island. It had already made history twice in the 18th century. In 1701, the explorer William Dampier ran aground off the island with his ship Roebuck and held out with his crew for six weeks before an East India sailor picked up the shipwrecked crew. Thus, the privateer and his crew are considered the first (involuntary) settlers on the island.


Ascension Island.  HMS Tortoise lying off, also merchant vessel. The building halfway up the high hill is Government House. 1 September 1853. By J.M. 1853

On 5 May 1725, the Dutch sailor Leendert Hasenbosch, convicted of “sodomy”, was abandoned on the island. Based on a diary found later on the island, he probably died after about six months of starvation.

Both incidents do not explain why the Royal Navy declared this island a ship. However, this can be explained if one knows where this island is located, namely in the South Atlantic between Africa and South America and near St. Helena. Napoleon Bonaparte was banished to St. Helena in 1815, and Ascension Island was occupied by the Royal Navy to make any attempts at liberation by the French more difficult.

The island was turned into a fortress. To ensure that Ascension was under the command of the navy and not a colony administration, a “trick” was used. The island was declared a “stone frigate” (“stone sloop of war of the smaller classes”) and was given 65 soldiers to “crew” as HMS Ascension. After Napoleon died, it was used as a base for the West Africa Squadron to fight pirates and the slave trade. In reality, the island was used more as a hospital, as many epidemics were rampant in Africa during those years.


A View of the Town and Island of St Helena in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to the English East India Company, by A. Hogg c. 1790 

However, its history did not end here. In 1836 Charles Darwin visited the island and in 1854 the island was replanted by botanist Joseph Dalton Hooker after the goats and rats of the fortress had eaten everything. In 1899, a telegraph cable was laid there and during the First and Second World Wars, the island became an important surveillance post. In 1982, it was used as a base for the Falkland Islands war. Today, almost 800 inhabitants live there and the island is an important nature reserve, especially for the so-called green turtles.



  1. That’s a lot to digest.
    Let me start with this: “How much call is there for trans-counselors nationwide?”
    How many public universities are there in this country. And Canada?

    • And there is the military…and the larger USGOV…and all of the big corporate giants – incredibly woke.

  2. “…because he feels he is the only Democrat who can defeat Donald Trump.”

    If Trump doesn’t run Joe could turn and shake his nonexistent hand after a nonexistent debate before tottering around his basement trying to self-locate. Harris has been put in the backroom due to…wait for it…Covid. Pretty convenient. The Dem ship is tilting and sinking, and their playing TickTok vidoes. Getting more painful by the day.

    Mickey-D’s isn’t hiring, kiosks have taken over and have plenty to run the fryer. Between all of the Ex-Twitterers with Woman’s Studies or Anarchy Algorithm software degrees they should go work for the NYT’s, for free since their stock options just got valuable.

    • Communists all should work for free – no government benefits. In that way alone may we test their resolve.

      • They have no resolve. The Bern – an very dangerous person cloaked as The Good Humor Man – will be meeting/speaking with the other America-haters at the WH today. Why? Yet another 80+ year old do-nothing cretin who wears his Socialism front and center. Ugly is what ugly does.

  3. I do like the Ukrainian merch…guessing it comes with some carbon credits. The vintage style packaging just looks better, reminds me of the Johnson Smith Co. ads in the back of Boys Life.

  4. “A majority of voters believe President Joe Biden is not fit to be president and doubt his mental ability, a Monday Harris poll revealed.”

    A poll commissioned by the #2 purporting to find lack of confidence in the #1? That’s suspicious.
    Huh? What? Not the same “Harris”? Oh.
    Never mind.

      • I wonder how many times a double vaxxed with booster shots person can get covid. The re-infections could last through June.

        • I’m sure that they’ll be pushed through the mid-terms unless we have another plague waiting to pounce.

        • [partial transcript of] Text exchange this morning with one of my former research mentees. She’s presently a cardiologist at a US top-10 institution.

          Friend: I don’t think I’m getting any more boosters. I truly think they are meant for the immunocomprised. […] we know about the myocarditis, but also alopecia, type I diabetes [MC edit: implying new endocrine failure] in people in their early 40’s.
          MC: You anti-science conspiracy theorist. [Obvs sarcasm; friend knows I’m unvaxxed, and that I told my own doctors “If someone comes at me with a needle of Pfizer or Moderna I will consider it intent to commit grievous bodily harm and life-altering injury and will respond accordingly.”]
          Friend: No, these are known side effects […] but I also know covid is no longer as deadly as it was
          MC: I bet you support Trump and are happy that Nazi musk bought twitter. Fascist!
          Friend: Like healthy 30yo dying on the ventilator. So at that time it was pick your poison at this time I’m not so sure. I saw a healthy 26-yo die at [redacted].
          MC: It’s ALWAYS been about control. Now that [my hospital] has lifted the universal mask mandate, they are requiring me to get tested weekly. NOW but not previously. It’s all about control and humiliation.
          Friend: Why humiliation? If you got it you got it. If you don’t you don’t.
          MC:It was never about facts. It’s like being forced to pretend that “Asian Hate” is perpetrated mainly by white Nazis when it’s mostly Blacks attacking Asians. It’s about the narrative.

          The point of all that is that many smart and ethical people in the medical field (Friend is exhibit A) are believers. Friend, on the advice of her OB (and against mine), got the Jab while she was 8 months pregnant. She started over to the dark side (having doubts) only when the pediatrician suggested she have her little boy (~1 year) vaccinated.

          • The Controllers have ignored/decried everything we know about viral science and treatments (including natural immunity) to – as you point out – control the masses through mass fear psychosis. I do find it really odd that many medical professionals have bought the lie, they should know this stuff without hesitation. It’s like they are asleep. But THAT IS how Satan operates to the unshielded.

  5. I like the Uke fundraising tchotchkes, but I’d want some sort of evidence that they aren’t just stamped out of old street signs, and a grand is too rich for my blood, anyways.

    They should try Kickstarter, or something. Saving a country has to be worth at least as much as making potato salad, even if the country’s just Ukraine.


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