Uneven Stand-Off

…Between the Lebanese Army and IDF at the Blue Line. 21 Nov 2020

“load canister” – “all we have left are flechettes” – “load the beehive.”


Yes, They’re Heavy to Haul Around



Not all that different than the Mi-24 Hind.





The latest word I have heard from the vaccine front is that you’ll need a vaccination every 3 months (two injections) if you plan to remain plague free. So, quarterly. I still think that they’ll manage to get it down to monthly and will include some sort of drug that promotes dependency. Call me paranoid if you will.  Of course, you will still need a mask.

And whatever you do, don’t blow the whistle on Big Pharma …more here.

They’re apparently tight with “Bill and Hillary’s people”.


Melinda Gates wants you to know (Town Hall):

Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, told CNN’s Poppy Harlow that it’s America’s and other high-income countries’ responsibility to make sure impoverished nations get access to the vaccine just as quickly as everyone else.

“Everybody needs this vaccine,” complained Gates. “If we only get it to the high-income countries, this disease is going to bounce around. We’re going to see twice as many deaths. And our recovery of our economies is going to be much slower than if we get the vaccine out to everybody.”

If the Gates family wants to give the vaccine to their people in the third world, why don’t they just pony up the money and buy it. I’m sure Pfeizer would be thrilled to sell the US out for the sake of globalism.



An object may be identified as lying ahead, astern or abeam, corresponding to the cardinal points of the compass ; on the bow or on the quarter, corresponding to the half cardinals; or fine on the bow, fine on the quarter and so on. Everything to the right of the centerline, as one look forward, is to starboard and everything to the left, to port, or in older terminology larboard.

In sailing ships it was preferable much of the time to relate things to the wind, rather then using port or starboard. Everything on the side towards the wind was to windward or a- weather, everything on the other side, to leeward or a- lee. Thus an object could be on the port quarters, on the weather bow,and so on.

*Starboard – was the side that the “steer board” was on prior to centerline rudders.


Blast from the Past

December 8, 1967 – Navy Lieutenant Commander Donald D. Sheppard prepares to launch a fire-arrow at a VC bunker on the banks of the Bassac River, near Binh Thuy, South Vietnam.


More Votes (for Biden) than Registered Voters?

…more here.

If Conservatives were smarter, they’d understand in New Math that this is entirely possible.


Navy News – (there is a lot of ship movement speculation)

The USS Theodore Roosevelt – departing San Diego for its second cruise of 2020 …more here.

Given what happened earlier this year, I don’t expect to see it back, short of tour.

BUT it will be in the Third Fleet Area – not a WestPAC run.

“The Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group is currently underway conducting operations in U.S. Third Fleet. The strike group is a combat-ready national asset capable of both deterrence and offensive strike that provides our national command authority with flexible options, all domain access, and a visible forward presence,” 3rd Fleet spokesman Cmdr. Sean Robertson told USNI News today.
“TRCSG has maintained its readiness since it returned from deployment in July. It continues to train and perform together as a unit in order to be ready for any, and all, challenges.”


Fun With Maps

The map maker never took a hard look at San Francisco, Hollywood, CA, Austin, TX or the Washington DC Beltway.

The map is also wrong in that the demons are said to reward bad children and punish the good. Yeah – democrats.


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch


The Last Time Each U.S. County Voted for a Party Other than a Democrat or Republican

Independent candidates don’t have a record of success in Arizona.


Most devastating natural disasters in each US state.

The Utah landslide refers to the massive mudslide that turned Thistle Junction, UT into a ghost town in 1983. Prior to that, one of my favorite greasy spoon lunch spots in the region was in Thistle. There was a railroad cafe that served delicious home cooked meals and pies. I wasn’t there often, but it was a go-to place. When I heard that it was wiped out, one less secret spot to eat was scratched from the list. I used to deer and elk hunt in that area and while others were shivering in the cold eating camp food, I’d go to the railroad cafe. Crazy like a fox.



Swalwell’s Computer

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  1. Operating a bridge erection boat we used naval terms for the most part except when we had Navy visitors. Bridging the Rhine would always bring visitors and we enjoyed watching the Navy as we said, “Go right”, “Go Back”, etc. Cheap fun, true, but Ditch Boys aren’t known for their fine manners.

  2. The Lebanese Soldier was equipped, but likely not trained by the US. Had he received American training, he might be aware of the fact that his RPG warhead would not activate at that range, and also that the Trophy system would take care of business, and turn him into collateral damage…

    • It would turn him into a trophy.

      And I’ve seen a lot of Inchallah shots that fall soundly into the spray and pray category. They end up killing people 500 meters away.

  3. 100 Kg equals 220 lbs. A square Km equals 247 acres or 10,759,320 sq. ft. or 2,037 statute miles. Most plastics are low density which would require a large amount to make the weight. That large amount can be measured by weight or by volume. In the graph it is measured by both. But in volume alone, it would take quite a bit of plastic to make a kg. Still, in the ‘Great Garbage Patch’, the highest density of plastic thereof requires 1,075,962 sq. ft. to contain one Kg.

    Every graph or map concerning the garbage patch is as dramatic as a cluckfest at a Tupperware part after the boxed wine has flowed freely. IOW, the truth is stuffed under the cushions, assuming it hasn’t already left the room.

    The reader is, intentionally, left with the perception that they could walk across the mounds of plastic.

    • There have been photos from the area that show a dramatic mess, but it’s possible the density as an average means a small pile that’s sort of tangled together in much, much bigger areas of nothing.

      There are lots of photos where people say they went looking for the floating plastic and didn’t see anything.

      • I’ve sailed through it and I didn’t see any plastic. But at the time, I may have not been on deck, so I can’t say for sure.

      • The North Pacific High is ‘ground zero’ for the Patch. Sailors leave the west coast under snotty weather to spend a couple of weeks drifting in near tropical calm weather. Imagine the refreshment of sunny skies after weeks of low overcast, fog, sleet, drizzle in 40-50F temperatures. The spectacle is quite enticing.

        I’ve sailed through the area many times. There is flotsam as there would be in any eddy. Seaweed, logs, and yes, non-biodegradable plastics. Unfortunately, most of the plastic is reduced – by the churning action of the ocean and UV degradation – to minute sizes of a fraction of square centimeter. Therefore, much of the plastic is in the water column, not at the surface. Still, the amount of plastic is not as is depicted.

        • Even if one were to drag a fine mesh screen through the area – which I have – they would have to cover hundreds of square miles to salvage enough plastic particles to make weight of a few lbs. And that is in the most dense sectors of the mass.

          However, it must be concluded there is far too much plastic in the oceans. The beaches of island nations are a testament to that.

      • Sig, the photos I have seen are like they focused on the biggest clot they could find then highlighted it. The truth is not in them.

  4. Oh yes, monthly shots (mandatory), masks (mandatory).

    And presto! Behold the immense wealth of the COVID billionaire and their lesser millionaire friends.

    Don’t forget to tax the weather, too.

  5. The photo of Lt. Commander Sheppard and his bow reminded me of something my buddy Len K.. told me a couple of years ago while showing me a picture of a wild pig he had killed with his new bow, “This is the first thing I have killed with a bow since I shot a VC sentry in the throat just prior to an attack. It was night and he was smoking something, so it gave me a good aiming point.”
    You may have heard of The Phoenix Project from back in the day.
    If you met him at a church social you would never guess he has eighty-nine sanctioned kills from Vietnam, to Northern Europe, and Eastern Europe.

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