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One note: President Trump’s term in office (45) marked an end to new wars for the United States of America and a definite drawdown on belligerence. Recall the changing situation between North Korea and the US during his presidency. This terrified many major US corporations, who had linked their fortunes to endless war. The permanent Washington political establishment (Swamp) thrived, grew, and expanded during endless warfare. The Biden Regime, which Biden has had no hand in running, managed by the Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street, has been good for the warfare business. They’d do almost anything to keep the business going, $32 trillion in debt or not. Many of them are promoting the notion that Kamala (Ho) Harris or Michelle (Big Mike) Obama, both chuckleheaded fools, would be worthy successors to Biden, whose dementia, present for years now, is so acute that even they can’t keep the farce going.


Bullet Points:

** (right) There is no bobsled ride with an abominable snowman associated with the original.

** Jules is transitioning (see her blog here)…

** It’s a fun rant about the recent Chevron decision by the US Supreme Court. We need to do to the Federal Government what Musk did to Twitter to make things work the way they should. Most federal workers would become hard-core unemployable, which would be a problem, but San Francisco has a lot of vacant space.

** America’s sweethearts.

** Most of the people who wear Che Guevara t-shirts would have been murdered by Che Guevara.

** Sailing the Seven Seas with EdB… When EdB goes boating in Florida...

** You are killing yourself at a job that would replace you the next day if you dropped dead.

** Finding political correctness in comics.

** In the next debate (I’m channeling the feature film Tombstone), Pres. Trump needs to challenge Pedo Joe to a spelling contest. (link here)

** CederQ conducting a job interview.

** There is nothing like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen paying for the student loans of lawyers and social workers. It’s the sort of thing that only a democrat lawyer could conceive.

** Iran’s Navy – sort of a Middle Eastern clown car. They lost another warship to a mishap – it suddenly capsized after receiving improvements. It was too top-heavy. More here. h/t Claudio. While it’s not funny to the Iranian sailors ordered to man their fleet of ersatz ships, it is to me.

** “The farther a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it and that in times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

** Rogan must host the next debate between President Trump and Pedo Joe. I’m serious. He’d keep the damned thing honest.

** From my Congressman, Eli Crane (R) (AZ1): “There is this ever-intensifying desire for intervention around the globe,” he said, “even when I don’t think that we’ve been very successful with it, when I know we can’t afford it, and when we probably create more chaos than we solve.”



Irrespective of what NASA may or may not publicly state, they seem to be falling behind SpaceX because they seem to be the only game in town. Boeing will take the US tax dollar, but I don’t see them doing much other than providing welfare distributions to the Middle Class and propping up their stock price.

Elon Musk and SpaceX want to go to Mars. Besides radiation protection, the biggest obstacle to Musk’s voyage is having enough fuel to land a vehicle as heavy as a Starship in the thin Martian atmosphere. How do you land heavy payloads on Mars?

SpaceX needs to be able to refuel a spacecraft in low earth orbit. It takes so much fuel to get a huge spacecraft in low earth orbit that there is little fuel left after climbing out of Earth’s gravity well to allow for braking and descent to the surface on Mars. That will require a more permanent space station than the ISS, which is scheduled for destruction in Earth’s atmosphere. (SpaceX landed the contract to do that)

Once SpaceX has a permanent station and can refuel in space, and once the spacecraft escapes Earth’s gravity well, it can refire the engines for a maximum speed of 36,000 mph in weightlessness. Once it reaches Mars in about two months, the problem would be slowing down to get into an elliptical Mars orbit—both aerobraking and onboard fuel are keys to decelerating. After the elliptical insertion burn, the spacecraft would switch into a circular orbit while continuing to slow down.

Retro firing is then required to land softly on the surface. The vehicle needs landing legs. Maybe larger landing legs and a flat, firm place to drop the ship (soil compaction issues come into play). This is how it can be done, but launching a new space station that facilitates refueling in space is the next necessary step.

Sustainability matters must be considered, and they define whether it’s worth going to Mars. Can liquid water be found and utilized? SpaceX seems to feel it’s feasible. Once the robotic ships are there and a base is established, the stage would be set for a human arrival, hopefully with the capacity to depart if necessary. As farfetched as it may seem to many of us (including me), Musk has his eye on that prize. And he’s the only game in town.



How American Counties in Persistent Poverty Voted in the 2020 Election


1984 Voting Map



Percentage of Italian Ancestry


Beehive Meme


Identify the Aircraft:


Two photos (downward ejection – so your guts come up and out of your mouth if you need to punch out)





Parting Shots




If you own the car, you need to apply the decal.

There can be only one…





37 thoughts on “A Few Notes

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Tupolev Tu-22 Blinder
    2. Myasishchev M-55 Mystic
    3. Lavochkin La-200
    4. AD Scout

  2. I have an idea. All your prisons should be turned into colleges. That way, the baddun’s will learn something and maybe change their lives around and any wet-behind-the-ears students who can’t cope with college might stop bleating and get on with learning. If not, Johnny-the-shafter, a long-time offender, might see fit to make you man up a bit. There’s nothing like a bit of fear.
    I think it would save a lot of money and cure a lot of first-world problems.

    1. Speaking only of the United States, the problem is not that we have universities, it’s what is taught there and the problem of student loans for non-STEM programs. University courses are taught in prisons as are trade-related classes, but when society is rotten, it may not work as well as intended. I take your point and don’t disagree, but the cause and effect don’t always match when you’re dealing with horribly damaged (from birth in many cases) people.

    2. SOME colleges could be turned into prisons, at least in the Lib LaLaLand regions, and improve the health and safety of everyone else :)

      1. x2 to you both. I want to Universities – who got into bed with Wall Street who got into bed with The Federal government that jacked college prices through the roof – to feel the pain of private sector businesses that were forced out of existence by a handful of non-elected morons who determined they are the arbiters of societal righteousness, done under the guise of all-encompassing “health and safety” umbrella. I want every university to feel reality in the harshest of manner, and where their bubble won’t protect them any longer.

        1. …geez, still can’t read after 2 strong cups of proper black coffee…forget the ‘to’. I don’t recall long road trips being that hard to recover from (heh).

        2. Harvard is richer in endowments than most third world countries. I wonder if (for the good of the nation) they would be willing to put that vast treasure toward paying down the national debt their alumni helped to create?

          1. No…they are greedy entitled bastards who forgot what the placard at the gate says, having flipped Haavaaad on it’s head from it’s founding.

    3. Stupidity, lack of impulse control, and very high-time preference are a lethal combination against “educability” at any level, much less college. Now slather an entitlement&victimhood mentality (promulgated by Our Betters) on top of that dysgenic mess and you have invincible resistance to ever being a contributing member of a technological society.

      Worse yet, Our Betters are not satisfied with merely encouraging and subsidizing the creation of such persons. No! Domestic production is inadequate for their purposes (despite massive transfers of wealth to the groups most likely to produce such drags on society), so we must import such persons as well.

      I realize your suggestion was probably Swiftian, but I’m choosing to not understand that and instead responding Aspergerishly.

  3. Thinking of Mars while it might sound stupid perhaps part of the initial base answer is to not always try to land perfectly. A few supply ships falling over with a 1/3 of the cargo damaged might be more prudent than perfection. I’m thinking of the military airborne drops where the gliders get destroyed, or push artillery on parachutes out and a few crash land, but some gear is salvaged. It would need cost compared of course but landing legs, fuel so on vs damaged cargo, lower cost, simpler landing rocket might be cost efficient. Plus with a little pre thinking on ease of taking the shop apart, the crashed ship metal, wire, so on could be construction materials for a new base. It’s not pretty of course.
    Critters on the prop… yep… then you look in the water … hummm… critters waiting for me … I’m not going in…
    College grants, and loans. Go back to colleges and banks give the loans. No gov help. Then, if there is a worthy candidate, regardless of major area of study, things will quickly sort out. No money for you unless you go be “x” tends to help aim folks. Kind of like hand digging a ditch 500 ft long shoulder deep with an army folding spade tends to help you understand at age 15 you don’t want to do that for a living at age 50.
    Pippa the dog deserves a treat for the mail efforts.

  4. Fingers on the chalkboard: Two things:
    – Just Kamala, Ms. “less than 0.1%” 4 years ago?
    – How many are left who know what that cringeworthy sound is and how it instantly makes you feel?
    God help us if that ‘ineligible for the office’ POS gets anywhere near the Resolute Desk. She’s not Natural Born, her parents were not citizens when she was born here, so an anchor baby, which (me the harp-er on such things) is a fallacy argument to confirm citizenship just because your grifter parents came here and birthed you. Guess rules don’t matter on The Dem side of the aisle. (more stating the obvious)
    1984 Election Map- Exactly why The Dem’s demand open borders and people living in urban hive centers…to control the rest of us. (Yeah, again stating the obvious, but sometimes ya just gotta say it out loud for the willfully ignorant apathetic “low information” (h/t Rush) voter [NO ONE here]. Dad drilled into “us boys” to “pay attention damnit”, as he learned the hard way, but only needed once to correct.)
    Mailman – Had one like that moons ago…good man who actually paid attention to those on his route.

    1. Kamala screwed Democratic leaders on her way to the top. Now they want to screw her again. I think this time she’s going to screw all of them. There’s a quarter billion in the campaign war-chest and Joe’s fam are masters of graft. Whatever her “number” is I doubt TPTB have come up to that number yet. Then there’s the actual power to be wielded. Stupid she may be, but she’s VP and we aren’t.

      1. A well placed lightening bolt would wake up a few people…and they could blame it on GlobalWarmingClimateCoolingChange, but the result would be epic.

  5. Loper Enterprise decision (Chevron Doctrine)
    All the many cases working through the court system won’t be affected. New cases will. In time, this Supreme Court decision just may save us from the Fourth Branch of Government.
    There are thousands of situations that show the incompetence of federal agencies. Two from the EPA. 2015 Gold King mine disaster near Silverton, CO. At the time the EPA employed nearly 1,000 lawyers and one, just one, qualified mining engineer. The second was fining a Wyoming Rancher for a stock pond he created on his property. The EPA used the Navigable Waters argument even though the pond didn’t drain into any tributary. That was finally settled in the rancher’s favor.
    Has there ever been a case when one of these government clowns faced any serious consequences for their actions?

    1. The ‘conservatives’ should reform the civil service act to make firings easier. At the very least remove lawyers and managers who get overturned by the courts time and again. The same should be done with judges. How many times has the 9th circuit judges been overturned at the supreme court?

    2. ….employed nearly 1,000 lawyers and one, just one, qualified mining engineer.
      Sounds a lot like what the FCC has become….

  6. That is about right, I didn’t and don’t wear underwear to interviews and laying about the abode being a slug… I have seen enough women’s genital’s of every shape, form and hygiene to last a lifetime. Why we worship it is beyond my feeble compression.

    1. as someone else put it so succinctly, recently:
      you really can’t return home again – not for very long, anyway

  7. * – IMHO – i don’t think we’re going to make any (real) headway in space (solar or interstellar) until we (more) fully understand the nature of “gravity” (the actions of solar cores) and “magnetics” (the actions of planetary cores) and are able to build “machines” to utilize our knowledge; all else is a waste of energy (think of the progression of the locomotive) – IMHO

    * – for anyone who may enjoy listening to Kamala’s voice in the evening, we have a family of coyotes nesting/denning/living somewhere on our property in Oregon

    * – The United States of America will continue to be in a regressive (read: socialist) mode until we remove (by whatever means are necessary) the promulgators of this disease from our teaching institutions – again – IMHO

    * – I’d like to put this very simply, if I may (and not aggravate too many conservative Christians), – there is a religion called Americanism (though it be known by other names). It does not, in any way conflict with the worship, principles, and tenets of Judaism or Christianity, Buddhism or sanatana dharma (it may, however, conflict with certain concepts that are found in the Koran).
    Its basic principles are, too, found in a “book” called the U.S. Contitution which have been interpreted since its inception by judges, the highest court being know as SCOTUS.
    I’ve found that today many of the (government-funded) institutions teaching our children are more than ever determined to tear down the religion of the faithful and denigrate its founding documents by whatever means.
    IMHO (again) we’re long past the point where the faithful can ignore these deliberate assaults against our secure homes and may require a “crusade”.

      1. X2..All.

        Loss of freedoms is rampant from the self-appointed ruling class, yet 248 years ago there were 4 taxes and We The People vociferously objected to that. Now there is in excess of a hundred (spitballing). My how some enjoy their soft tyranny captivity. Just received a notification letter in the mail, smarmy pile of excrement from the School District who…because they believe the well is endlessly deep…is making their pitch for $49 million more of our dollars to prop up government run indoctrination centers, aka. Schools….and it will only cost residents $25.40/$100k of valuation. Gee thanks, you scumbags. Thing is, some of the General Public morons will vote in the affirmative.

        More freedoms lost (don’t pay your property taxes and they take your property…to name ONE). Had some choice words for the School Districts request (which isn’t a “request”).

  8. There needs to be a better drive system for interplanetary flight that does not require so much fuel. With our current technology a trip to Mars would most likely be a one way trip.

    1. Fission-powered laser: best exit velocity and you don’t have to carry mass to eject. Maybe the nuclear reaction function and the light generation function can be combined somehow. Fission-pumped laser medium? Or is there any law of physics that says turning matter into antimatter must be costly? If not then make antimatter industrially, and when you combine it you get photons. Might be hard to point those photons all out the tail, unless they’re low-energy enough to reflect off a mirror instead of penetrate it.

  9. Mars – probably need to launch some slow speed fuel tanks ahead of time. Same with other suppliers. Getting it all into orbit to begin with won’t be cheap.

    Iran’s navy. Funny and sad at the same time. But we shouldn’t gloat. We just canned a ship’s CO for running aground:
    Then there’s that carrier we lost to fire in drydock. And the LCS class…..

  10. RE: Pippa the dog. My preferred FFL dealer has a dog who adores the UPS guy because he brings her treats and despises the FEDEX guy because he does not.

  11. “Irrespective of what NASA may or may not publicly state”

    NASA is a diversity agency dedicated to PR with the sole desire to manage contracts rather than work while maintaining their reputation from decades earlier. (a failed contract can be blamed on many factors from outside the agency. a failed actual project bites them on the ass_) Don’t forget they’re an executive branch organization; the president sits at the top of the org chart – and they didn’t like DJT being the boss.

  12. “it suddenly capsized […] It was too top-heavy”
    This is not without precedent. Cough [Vasa!!!] cough.

    “So many guns lost with that boat….”
    Also Vasa.

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