An Observation


Airlines Complain

The airliners are not flying full. They don’t have a solution. They should come to me. I have the answer.

Fly United.

Put Bambi and Leather onboard to see to passenger’s needs. They’d be at capacity in no time.


At Santa’s Toy Shop


Will THIS Work?


The Spad – A-1 Skyraider

Everyone loves Sandy.


Russian Equipment

Knocked out Georgian T-72Bs in the streets of Tkshinvali during the 2008 Russo-Georgian War

Russian T-72AV disabled by an anti-tank mine in Chechnya, 1999

BMD-2 crushed after its parachute failed to deploy.

Ethiopian T-62 with a popped turret, taken out by Tigray separatists. Nov 2020. The inability of the Ethiopians to protect the World Bank’s investment will likely lead to American peacekeepers deployed there under the Biden regime.

Ukrainian soldiers inspect a destroyed rebel T-72, 2015


Camela Harris’s choice for VP?


In England – The Plague Benefit is felt!

Will this mean a tax rebate to British taxpayers?


Museum Quality – Gott Mit Uns


Here are two things you won’t see anymore


  1. Dad had a Mauser as a truck gun for a while in the 70’s. It had a crappy trigger but was accurate only with 125 grain bullets on a low powder charge. Hot ammo was wildly inaccurate. Dad upgraded to a Ruger Speed Six 357 when I was in high school in the late 70’s.

  2. Three counting the airship tender and four counting Pan Am. What’s the two engined plane a bit farther back, some kind of Martin?

    I read someplace that Tommy would occasionally graffiti trench walls with “we’ve got mittens too” but don’t recall the source. One of Dad’s brothers was quite a bit older and brought him back one of those buckles when he was about nine; I still have it.

    • A Martin? Maybe. I recall flying in one as a passenger when I was a kid. I remember the time when passengers were treated well and the food on the airplane was good. Some kind of time warp between then and now.

  3. Pre COVID statistic taken off Google.

    What percentage of restaurants fail every year?
    The statistics aren’t pretty. Sixty percent of restaurants don’t make it past their first year and 80 percent go out of business within five years. Despite the hurdles, many restaurant owners and operators believe that as long as they’re making money, they’re doing “good enough.”

    My father’s second marriage was to a woman who had a restaurant. They were successful and sold out at a profit but the hours they worked made ranching look like a part time job.

    • There was one particular restaurant in San Diego – the best Mexican food that I’ve ever eaten. It was located immediately adjacent to Petco Park (baseball stadium). The food was expensive, but I loved to go there. They just couldn’t keep it open. Emblematic of that sort of business, I guess. I don’t know why I think of that place when I think of restaurants going under. Perhaps nostalgia?

      A lot of Mexican food joints in San Diego are laundry operations for narco money. They stay open even if they’re empty.

      • LL – Did you ever notice a difference in “good” Mexican food between L.A. and San Diego?”I don’t know if it was the environment, but I always thought Mexican food was “better” in San Diego. Some subtle difference in seasonings or raw ingredients, maybe?

  4. Just watched “2001” last week. Seeing the PanAm logo on a spacecraft was so nice. But so jarring to realize that PA and AA and pert near all the ancient airlines are gone. Some are re-branded, some are still flying as skinsuits worn over something else.

    All gone, like tears in the rain… Time to die…

    (SLAP) Dammit, Beans, it’s no time to get gloomy(er.)

    Right now, the only way I’d fly is if the airlines told the government busybodies to go F Off. No, actually, since they got away ‘the passenger is king,’ the airlines can go F off, too.

    I like seeing Russian equipment in it’s natural state… But then again, I also feel the worse thing we ever did was get involved in WWII on the Eastern Front. Should of let the international socialists beat on the national socialists, and vice-versa, while sitting on the sidelines eating popcorn, or using all that lend-lease to buck up the Pacific Theater and the Med. Screw the Soviets, and screw Russia.

    • Don’t get maudlin on me, Beans.

      The Germans mauled the Russians and the Russians mauled the Germans. Lend lease to Russia, to prop up Stalin, was a waste of time. There were Americans who quietly sabotaged plans to do more in regard aid to Russia. My grandfather was one. He explained how he did it many years ago. He knew the Soviets for what they were when he was working in the Pentagon during WW2, Korea and later.

      I watched 2001 last week too…saw the Pan Am logo too. Weird how that is, right?

    • I missed the whole Jet-Set, Go-Go, Swinging Sixties airline travel experience as I didn’t start flying regularly until the late 1970’s.

      I always remember TWA having crummy breakfasts.

      Best airline food I’ve ever had was on SAS, with SwissAir being a close second. Domestic airlines always seemed to be hit-or-miss depending on time of day, and what airport you were departing from.

  5. Museum quality indeed. Soon “God with us” will be considered as offensive as “Meine Ehre heißt…” and the only place where one might see the phrase will be in a museum.

    On the other hand, I expect that the blatantly deliberate, and accelerating, destruction of the West will lead to increasing numbers of persons, who while having no sympathy for those who wore M.E.H.T. on their uniforms, will say, “You know, if that’s what takes to break the power of the malicious mutants in control, then I’m all for it.”

    • I see it slowly happening in the part of America where I live. Little people with resolve that “it won’t happen here”. Naturally the woke among us will condemn that sort of thinking and action, but if it doesn’t happen, we’re doomed.

      A society must have virtue at its core, or it folds in on itself. There is virtue in America, but as you point out, there are a lot of malicious mutants. The balance between the two is precarious.

      • That’s it in a nutshell….still don’t believe that half the USA is truly mutant, but a good chunk of THAT half likely are the ‘burn it down” types.

    • “A society must have virtue at its core…” And so, surely, must the person.

      Well said, LL, if you’ll forgive the plaudit.

      MEHT? Let’s not forget that everything the Left does produces its opposite result. Are we up to crushing the hydra?

  6. (a) Yeah, that’s one way to get people to pay attention during the safety lecture.

    (b) Shenandoah mooring to Patoka, right here in Narragansett Bay!

    (c) Yeah, not any more. You still walk to and from the airplanes and use AirStairs at Kona, but nothing like those free-roaming crowds.

    P.S. – the twin-engine airliner is a Convair 240, the giant vertical tail is the giveaway.


    • Not to turn this into a Monday morning pi$$ing match, old buddy, but Daddy turned wrenches on Convair T-29 “flying classroom” trainers for the Air Farce when I was but a yoot so I understand what you’re saying about the tail, but I’m still going with Martin. The 2-0-2 and 4-0-4 had large tails too. Embigifying the pic identifies the carrier as Southwest Airways (not Airlines), a Left Coast carrier which later morphed into Pacific Airlines and they do not appear to have used Convair equipment. Have a lookit:

      Equipment here, including aircraft pics:

      Genesis of the airline here:

  7. That photo of the fat poor starving peaceful protesters reminded me of this line from “Worms of the Earth” (RE Howard):

    “Do you blench at so small a thing? Stay and let me show you the real fruits of the pits! Ha!”

    My intern year I saw a 906-lb man. (Fortunately not MY patient.) Fear is doing a coronary angiogram on a 400 pounder (this was in the days of femoral artery access, before radial access was routine). You were nearly certain of a post-procedure bleed, for technical reasons, and it was nearly impossible to tell if the patient was bleeding into his (already gigantic) leg. The dreaded next morning call: “Doc, the patient’s hemoglobin is 6.0; it was 14.3 yesterday.”

    • Re: How to draw people back to the air and flying airlines again.
      That was NOT what I expected to see at 11 AM this morning! Thankfully, She Who Must Be Obeyed wasn’t offended, but cracked up laughing, pointing out that while topless stewardesses might be a temporary draw, it wouldn’t last. They’d all quit from dry skin in “places uncomfortable.”

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