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I was reminded in the run-up to September 11 that today was a day when we recognized people who gave service to the community. That was Obama’s contribution to the date. He wanted us to revere community agitators, such as himself, on September 11, not to use the date as a touchstone for the ongoing war that Islam is waging with the West.

Screw that. NEVER FORGET the ATTACKS, who was behind the attacks, and the need for vigilance.

It’s Sunday and there is a sermonette on this blog sometimes. Not today. Just look at the photo above, and remember where you were and what you thought, and how you reacted then.  A generation has grown up since that day but to me, it’s as vivid today as it was 21 years ago.




In Remembrance

I heard that part of Team Brandon (FJB) wanted POTUS to take a cheap shot at President Trump during the 9/11 observance at the WTC today. I don’t know whether or not there will be another. FJB Nuremberg speech urging a Kristallnacht or not.

Nobody honestly believes Jan 6th was an insurrection (except for certifiable idiots who think the Village People are a paramilitary group). Those that swallow this are usually Democrats and will accept it by the same psychology that allows for the football fan to be angry at a call against his team, but cheer when the same exact call is made against the opponent. Those Leftists of an explicit nature accept it on the basis of power. That their side can flout all decency, truth, and honesty while the other side is unable to stop it excites them and gives them a sense of power.

It also serves to discourage those who do not accept the blatant lie. The Big Lie(s) is meant to disarm, not to persuade. To paralyze, not empower. It creates or solidifies the foot soldiers willing to lash out and eventually jail and kill those demonized and depersonalized. And it disarms the victims. Enough of them anyway. Eventually, the opposition is worn down whereby the few remaining dissenters are easily disposed of. Alinsky’s Rules, etc.

Consider the steps: 1. DISCRIMINATION when the designated scapegoat group is identified 2. DENIGRATION, when the scapegoat is blamed for all ills 3. DEHUMANIZATION, when the scapegoats are denigrated, decreed to be enemies, denied all due process of law 4. DESTRUCTION, the law only punishes the scapegoats when they resist rape and murder, the footsoldiers and brownshirts of the regime are lauded.

We are somewhere in step 3, where the benefit of the law is being slowly withdrawn from MAGA Republicans, a political stance that has become a de facto crime against the state.


  1. Perfectly encapsulates ‘the sense’ of today. THAT picture drags us back to that day, like it would do for any red-blooded American. Righteous anger ensues.

    It was a day we will never forget. We were over in Steamboat Springs at the CVMA, getting ready for MrsPaulM to give a CE talk to other veterinarians. We don’t have “tv” at home but I had turned it on as one does in a hotel room. Then it happened. We were stunned. Went to the lobby, hundreds of people wandering around not knowing what to do, many fearful. Hotel staff were rolling out tv sets all over. After some discussion with conference organizers, she did the talk in order to help attendees think about something else. We left directly after as we just wanted to be home where we could control what may come. That was a very long 2 1/2 hours. The rest was a blur, then anger set in…which I hold today.

    Last night we watched “Parkland”, the day JFK was shot, the hospital scenes, and the 3 days following. At times it got really dusty in the room as I FELT the same direct gut punch. Afterwards I related Steven Hunter’s conclusion at the end of his The 3rd Bullet, a scenario I have always thought HAD to be the answer, not the patsy LHO with a crappy $20 rifle and a moving target at a down angle. Righteous anger at those who perpetrated such a thing onto the rest of us.

    Between 9/11 and Benghazi real Americans have been subject to far too much at the hands of The Incompetent who tell us we’re the problem. God knows the truth and they will [eventually] pay for their evil deeds.

    • Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial complex in 1960. By ’63 Kennedy had not invaded Cuba over the communist take over, he did not commit Naval air to the Bay of Pigs invasion and he had people in Viet Nam looking to see if it really was just a civil war.
      After Nov 1963 and “the patsy LHO with a crappy $20 rifle and a moving target at a down angle”, a businessman took over.
      Things went well until Trump was elected in the last honest election America had.

  2. 9/11. I was replacing the alternator on my Dodge van. I continued to work and finish the job. By evening there were long lines at the gas stations and people were getting ugly as they jockeyed for position. Two days later they were flying cheap imitation american flags from their car windows.

    In the days that followed I was impressed by the way people in the New York areas responded. The impromptu boat lift to rescue stranded people on Manhattan. The first responders everywhere. The way our fellow citizens came together.

    Later came the anger when evidence emerged about the complicity of government operatives and how the event was cynically used to create unnecessary wars; how flight schools tried to alert the FBI on the behaviors of their foreign students. The list goes on and on.

    Since 9/11 the assault on our way of life has only increased. Wars to drain our treasury and kill off our best young people. The eight wretched years of the Lightbringer. The all out attacks on Trump and anyone who supports him, etc. In spite of all this, the bastards haven’t broken us, yet.

    • If the Democrats can’t cheat their way to a win, I expect they will try to nullify the Election. One way they are/will try, based on the Sept 2 speech, is to declare many Republicans as Insurrectionist, have them thrown out under the 14th amendment and seat the Democrat opponent without having new Elections.

  3. Some group made an attack, which holds the world record for most military effect at the least cost. Darwinism says attacks will never end, therefore defensive vigilance must be eternal. Peace is a process, not a condition.

    But the whole national command structure carefully opened the gates to attackers for Pearl Harbor, and for 9/11. Why aren’t we more enraged that the entire top of those eras’ executive branches met the constitutional definition of traitors?

  4. 21 years ago, NYPD were anointed heroes, as well they should have been. Now in NYFC, cash bail is being discontinued, many want to defund the coppers and the po-leases are leaving NYPD in droves. We need more popcorn for this show.

  5. Sept. 11 – I was at work, and left to go over several blocks to give DIL a hug at her work place – she was staying with us while our son was deployed over in the Middle East and I figured she needed some encouragement.
    The death cult that carried out the Sept. 11th attacks is still out there planning, so saying we should let it got and get past it seems counterproductive to living normally.
    It seems we are living in interesting times.

  6. I commented this:

    “Who comes up with this evil crap?!!

    It is maddening that the reprobates constantly have this sort of Bravo Sierra ginned up and at the ready…INSTEAD OF DOING THE WORK OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION.

    What a bunch of seditious and treasonous bums. Everyone involved should be drawn and quartered and their carcasses left to be picked clean by the DC sewer rats.”


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