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Captioned photo: As of January 2024, there have been eight jaguar sightings in the southwestern United States since 1996, including at least three in southern Arizona since 2015. These sightings could indicate that jaguars are finding suitable habitats in Arizona and are dispersing north to avoid human conflict and find more prey.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD) estimates that 2,500 to 3,000 mountain lions live in the state. They share the same sort of territory that jaguars favor.

It’s a blog – so I thought a cute kitten was in order.


Yesterday’s Sermonette


Bullet Points:

** When you adopt a lynx and expect gratitude for feeding and caring for it.

** Do you create nicknames for your co-workers?

  • ET – just wants to go home
  • Justin – does just enough not to get fired
  • KitKat – always taking a break
  • Motion Light – only works when somebody walks past
  • Birthday Cake – everyone gets a piece
  • Butter Knife – not the sharpest tool in the drawer
  • The Wedge – simplest tool known to man
  • The County Slut – in this case, a man
  • Rambo – armed to the teeth wherever he is

** Left – the fake news, substandard bullet points.

** Send thirty-nine cents to keep an African family going.

** Since the early 2000s, hard-core cultural Marxist progressives have seized control over the U.S. education system at all levels. As a result, young Americans are emerging from high schools and universities with values unlike anything we have ever seen.

The new American values are built around a division of humanity into two classes: oppressor and oppressed. “Oppressors,” young Americans now believe, are evil and must be punished. “Oppressed” is pure and must be empowered. The United States is the chief oppressor. Its social and economic orders must be radically transformed to expiate its sins.

The implications of this progressive indoctrination present America with an existential challenge. If allowed to continue into the next generation, the United States will be destroyed.

** I refuse to be lectured to about gun control by a regime that armed the Taliban. And that’s that.

** Consider this your daily timewaster.  Watch it to the end.

** Mars/Venus

** The Supreme Court ruled that you cannot imprison an ex-president because he did something you didn’t like as president. Associate Justice Sotomayor said well, so now a president can send Navy Seal Team 6 to assassinate an opponent. RFK Jr. corrected her, saying that’s the CIA’s job.

** The New York Post reported, “Manhattan is now a ‘buyer’s market’ as home prices fall with more than 8,000 apartments still available.” They say the government cannot get affordable housing. The solution is simple: Make your city unlivable, and people will leave, and rents will drop. The downside is that no one will want to live there, but at least they can afford not to live there.



The argument about firearms violence, private possession, and the legal right to keep and bear is endless. Academics lump the use of firearms in suicides as a function of firearm violence is one way that they use to distract the problem of violence by negroes in urban settings in America. It’s politically incorrect to point out that the felonious use of firearms is overwhelmingly linked to one particular race and inner-city settings. Hence, academics continually dance around the elephant in the room.

Many academics argue that the lack of social workers accounts for high rates of suicide (and suicide by firearm) in many states. Though I may sound harsh, the cause and effect never seem to be broken by the presence of social workers lapping at the government trough.


Israel In-Dependence

(h/t CDRSAL) Under the U.S. dependence doctrine, Israel gutted its domestic military production capabilities. Nearly everything it had produced domestically—from uniforms to rifles to bullets, to artillery and tank shells—was shut down. Thousands of military industry workers lost their jobs. Knowledge was lost. The contracts moved to the United States. Even projects developed jointly by Israeli engineers financed by America were transferred to the United States for production. Israel’s Iron Dome missiles are solely produced in the United States.

The In-Dependence doctrine’s biggest champions were the Air Force generals. Under their leadership, Israel’s air force effectively became a U.S. asset. The Air Force cannot operate without U.S. platforms, spare parts, and bombs. All Air Force ordnance is made in America.

During the 1990s and 2000s, the writing on the walls told us things were changing in America. A generation after the United States emerged from the Cold War as the sole global superpower, it struggles to contend with the threat of China, which surpasses it in several key technologies. Who could have predicted that the next US President after the 9/11 attack would be Barack Hussein Obama, a closeted homosexual and lover of Islam?

Under the spell of globalization, the United States gutted its industrial base. Even if it wanted to, today, it is hard-pressed to repeat the 1973 airlift in real-time.

It will take years, but it appears Israel is already taking steps to return to a better place. She, rightfully, sees the USA as not as solid as it once was.

The USA is just one election, national disaster, or political disruption away from returning home. Plan for it, but hope it does not come to pass.


Identify the Aircraft:






Identify the Armor:




Parting Shots


This one h/t the League of Deplorable Gentlemen and WSF



53 thoughts on “Kitten

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon
    2. Fairey Hendon
    3. Supermarine Type 224
    4. Martin B-26 Marauder
    Identify the Armor:
    5. Alvis Saladin

  2. Ugh ohh no … did The AI throw a circuit breaker? Is it a Martin or a Douglas aircraft… does the AI need unplugged and plugged back in? Darkness is growing….
    Monopoly game, that was funny.
    Israel made a number of other poor decisions related to numbers of boots on the ground, artillery, tanks and supply chains too. But it has alot of expensive airplanes to show for it. Now it needs boots on the ground and artillery and is low on both. I seem to recall our Marines recently decided they didn’t need Abram’s tanks or certain 155 artillery any more as they had a a new mission focus. So being surplus it was all sent to Ukraine. Lessons learned or not?

  3. 8,000 apts in NYC – and the world is falling apart‽‽
    that’s on the same level as the flea floating downriver under the drawbridge yelling …
    I’m personally aware of a large co-op in Manhattan that has 20 floors of apts lettered A thru W (OK! OK! some studio are no bigger than closets) and there are quite a few of these buildiings in just a five square block area in Manhattan – forgetting for the moment about Brooklyn, Queens, and Da Bron’x (Oh! did I leave one off the list¿? So sorry.)
    8,000 apts in NYC is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s far from catastrophic.
    When you speak to me of a 6 figure number, I’ll worry that the real estate market in NYC is falling apart.
    BTW: I’m almost certain that Hochul and Adams will find a way to install the homeless and the invaders (aka unpapered immigrants) and have the people (and corporations still headquartered in NY) pay for them
    As an aside, when you mentioned that the jaguars are establishing a population in the southwest, I’m almost tempted to get one (or more) of my wife’s (Karen) friends to start running around in large circles yelling. “The British are coming, the British are coming!”
    and I can think of a couple right off hand – who’d do this BA nekkid.

  4. a dumb quesstion:
    is there a particular reason why you’ve adjoined the paragraphs about gun control/firearms violence (suicide) and the situation in Israel (actually industrial capability for armament production in the United States)?

  5. Lack of social workers. More like lack of fathers, lack of families. Yeah I know, I just shredded any woke creds I might have had. And then there is that whole reading thing you mentioned in your last.

  6. Take away suicides and inner-city turf squabbles and ‘gun violence’ is almost non-existent here in these United States. We’re definitely, minus hoodrats wasting everything around them, safer than such paragons of virtue like Sweden (we don’t have weekly grenade attacks, they do) and Germany.

    As to NYFC, how nice. (For those not from The South, ‘how nice’ is translated as ‘who gives a rat’s ass.’) Bless their little hearts (translates as ‘even God might turn his back on them, and the devil himself is laughing all the way to their graves.) Isn’t NYFC just a ray of sunshine? (translates as ‘the only thing bright about them is when they set themselves on fire.’)

    Seriously, proclaim NYFC a sanctuary city while raising taxes and fees for service and chase out large corporate owners like Trump and what the hell do you expect? That place is filthy, like back to the 1970’s level of filth and corruption. Screw them. Screw them all.

  7. Firearms & stats: read of a robber fleeing the area and turned a corner to see a cop with a shotgun at the ready. Robber grabbed the barrel and tried to pull said shotgun away from said cop. Shotgun moves forward rapidly while the finger on the trigger remains stationary…with predictable results. As the robber was carrying a handgun the woke crowd added his fatality to their handgun deaths count.

  8. Coworker names – we had one exec who was an exceptionally boring speaker. We called him ‘Sominex In A Suit”.

  9. New York City / Manhattan housing. Current mortgage interest rate is about the same as the average historical mortgage interest rate. Vacancy trend is not due to interest rates. If the city cannot identify / name the problem, how can they solve it?

    Israel also replaced their military doctine with US military doctine. Going from memory, Israeli military action is supposed to be brief / decisive.

    #5 Alvis Saladin, LL still shopping for an armored car. And it has a nice pointy thing on top.

    1. You’re giving Barack too much credit. It’s more about the Swamp looking out for the Swamp.

  10. Cats in AZ: As I recall, ocelots hang around down there as well. I haven’t lived in S AZ for decades but it seems to me jaguars were rare but there then.

    “If allowed to continue into the next generation, the United States will be destroyed.”
    That’s the way I’d bet – especially as those born before 1970 fade away and lose the power to fight against the inevitable. Being one of those that was raised and taught by WWII vets, I doubt I’ll live to see that – be it due to FEMA re-education camps or just old age. I suspect the govt will off me before my time (or at my time by their definition) to save money on SS or Medicare. It’ll take at least 3 generations to recover from this crap – it that’s even possible by then (maybe turn of next century).

  11. Mars/Venus- Talk about truth…MrsPaulM and I were heading up to the Snowy Range for a day of snowshoeing, coming up on Centennial just before entering the Snowy’s and MrsPaulM asks,
    – “Do you want a hot chocolate? (from the coffee hut)
    – Thought for a second then said, “Not particularly, maybe on the way back.”…then kept driving thru and past the coffee hut.
    – Went about half a mile from the coffee hut and she says, “But I really wanted one.”
    – Me (Because I’m male, an engineer-type, and after 22 years of marriage at the time didn’t figure that her normal direct mode would have changed into woman indirect code-speak):
    – “Well why didn’t you just say so, and you asked me if I wanted one but said nothing for yourself…I don’t read minds you know.” (Slightly frosted but always willing to the please the Mrs I flipped the truck around.)
    Yup, stepped right in it…didn’t even see it coming, like a stealth arrow between the eyes. And being male-blind on such matters (which, honest, this was never a problem prior…’m aware…this was a new set of comm rules out of the blue. Totally unfair. Maybe these rules were given to the gals in High School when they were taken out of class for that “special assembly” us boys were not allowed to ask about… which explains why we makes were, and to some degree still are, clueless on such matters…until the flaming arrow hits dead center mass and we’re on fire with no way to put the flames out.

    1. Incidentally, to this day I still don’t get it, normal conversation requires one party tell the other party what they want, not ask the other party if they want something in order for the asking party to make a decision either way…sorta…kinda…maybe…I think.

      1. Try dealing with that in a therapy session… of course with raw emotion and very little critical thinking skills. The world I left behind gladly.

    2. When you’re in your 44th year of marriage, you’ll intuitively know and will stop at the Coffee Hut for hot chocolate without the prompt.

      1. Heh, you sound like my dad (who also said something like, “Eventually you gain selective hearing”.)
        – I now preemptively slow down every time, saying aloud, “I could go for a coffee….large or small chai tea for you?” I may not be a fast learner in such matters but so far so good.

    3. My “favorite” from some years back–We were newly arrived in Texas, and decided one evening to just grab some fast food. Her: “Well, we’re NOT going to (fill in the blank, don’t recall now). Where would you like to go? Me: Blink-blink.

      To be fair, when there is a choice to be made, she nearly always makes a point to ask me what I would prefer. My most common answer is that she is the one with digestive issues while I (still) have a cast iron stomach, so the choice is hers.

  12. I enjoyed the starter sermon infovideo. What I do is this — when they bang on interminably, I go outside and have a smoke, perhaps get a cup of coffee, and return for the Offertory. And all is well.

    1. I Love my Pastor, but laughed way to hard at the following joke:
      “There is a fine line between a long sermon and a Hostage situation”.

      MSG Grumpy

  13. Lynx? Pretty sure that’s a caracal. Caracals being a wildcat that ranges over MENA down to South Africa.
    As for expecting gratitude from a creature of such origins, well, the analogy makes itself, doesn’t it.

  14. I get rather tired of people taking old (yet funny) jokes and posting them as videos so you stare at the subject while the joke is being told.
    It happens a lot.

    1. Dad used to say “things are rarely invented, usually they are repackaged and resold as new”. Social media adherents take the old, repackage it…often in multiple formats…then post it to the masses. We know Biden has been in decline for five years, yet memes and videos abound on the subject, as if restating it half a million times makes it more true. It’s just true, and we have been lied to the entire time, which eggs meme-ers on. Then again, with all this tech the General Public has reduced their attention span to less than a goldfish.

      1. Please don’t demean or slander goldfish on this blog. Implying that they have less mental capacity than Pedo Joe Biden (leader of the free world) will get you banned from VM.

          1. Ed…because she asked them if they wanted to go…so they did to avoid marital discord.

        1. LL…guessing I’m now further from the camp stove…altho, if goldfish are off limits, and Cederq’s offerings are not kosher…I’m open to suggestions. KJP perhaps?

          1. Selling KJP to Aztecs as a human sacrifice might be problematic because of the “human” qualifier. The same would be true for AOC or any of the Squad. Comparing them to goldfish, which are beautiful and harmless is simply wrong.

          2. “…goldfish, which are beautiful and harmless…”

            “…and innocent” MrsPaulM says. The others, not in the least.

  15. Just got back from a 700 mile round trip up north…ol’ TransSec Petey hasn’t made our Interstates any better during his tenure, by all accounts TransPo has gotten significantly worse…in every sector. Pass road over to Driggs from Jackson seriously washed out a month ago, local officials decided to remove their self-created red tape, road was opened last week. It can be done despite government “process and rules” when a closed road ruins “revenues”.

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