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Top Gun: Maverick – Review

Bloggers here, primarily PaulM, have reviewed the film and did a very good job. I recently saw it too, so I’ll throw my cracker in the soup as well.

The feature film has been “in the can” for quite some time now as theaters were shuttered because of the plague, etc. It’s now available for your viewing pleasure and it’s a commercial and artistic success. It’s no more “authentic Navy” than Top Gun was, but it’s fun, it’s true to the franchise, and it’s worth watching. I’m sure that you’ve read other reviews that outline the plot and I’m not going to delve there. The casting was excellent, the acting was good, the flight sequences were engaging, and though there wasn’t much character development of Maverick’s proteges, there didn’t have to be. You have to tell the story in two hours. The addition of Jennifer Connelly was a good move. She was a credible, beautiful addition to the story.

If you haven’t seen the film, June 6, the Longest Day, might be a good time to go and do it. Highly Recommended Film


A Letter from the Front

Letter of Lieutenant Pierre Paradis of the 25th Line Regiment written to his father, tin(smith) merchant, rue Saint-Laurent at Grenoble (Isère).

Moscow, 25 September 1812.

My dear father,

It is from this superb capital, today almost reduced to ashes, that I hasten to inform you of my tidings, knowing well that after having been so much exposed [to danger] in this terrible campaign, it will be pleasant for you to learn that I had been evened by a spent bullet which happened to hit me in the sensitive area, for if I had not had my levite buckled and slung around me, although the rascal had lost much of its strength, the ball would have pierced my heart, as it was able to go through the fabric folded ten times over.

I have been present at many of the battles we have fought since the war began, but I swear that none came close to the one we experienced on the 7th of this month with the Russians. I can assure you that the battlefield was covered with the dead. I myself counted 20 Russians for every Frenchman. Their loss is inconceivable. Imagine a general affair which lasted from 5 o’clock in the morning until ten o’clock in the evening. We even skirmished for part of the night. We counted that their army stood 150,000 men strong, who, on that day, gave their all. Our numbers were about the same, but the Imperial Guard was not sent forward. I cannot better compare the continuous fire to you during all this time than to the most rumbling thunder. Grapeshot, cannonballs, and shells whistled past our ears like hail; thus when everything turned quiet, I swear to you that, in spite of the bad weather, I did not have to be rocked to sleep; for as soon as I threw myself on the ground, I closed my eyes and did not open them until my soldiers woke me up the next morning to eat the soup of which I was in need just like them.

Finally, I would like to recount all the events of this famous campaign, but it would take me too much time and more than one sheet of paper. It will suffice for you to know that we were always victorious and that my regiment formed the vanguard of the army for 15 days; and that every day, I fought with the company which I have the honor of commanding since the first affair as a lieutenant, for it is good to inform you that by imperial decree of 25 November 1811, I have been appointed second lieutenant and that by decree of 10 June last H. M. himself, in his presence at the courtyard of his palace when he was passing through to Danzig, while reviewing our regiment, appointed me lieutenant. Also, my colonel, eight days later, appointed me lieutenant in charge of the clothing and armament of the regiment.

I embrace you, your good son.


Source: Lettres interceptées par les Russes durant la campagne de 1812 … , La Sabretache, 1913, pp. 23-24.


Second Amendment


Constitutional Amendments

Since Constitutional Amendments are no longer absolute, maybe we should ignore the 16th and stop paying federal income tax.


The presence of armed groups has been detected in all of the 131 municipalities of Colombia that face electoral risk.

How many counties in the USA face electoral risk from democrat operatives (mules)? There are always academic studies on places like Columbia, but not many are done in the US and on the US situation. The installation of a demented fool and a cackling whore should be of international concern.


For Riverrider



27 thoughts on “Always the Longest Day

  1. Ike wrote a press release in case the invasion on 6/6/44 failed, accepting responsibility for its failure. What a marked departure from today, where Joe blames everybody but himself. It’s just sad.

    1. It was a different time, different people, different agendas, and a very different America.

      As I travel these days and look at America around me, it’s nearly unrecognizable from the America that I grew up in and raised children in. Some better, some not – mostly not.

      And the beat goes on.

  2. nice. did she pay her 1000% tax on that rifle? that’s what the idiots in dc proposed….the israelis seldom have school shootings. we should do what they do, or once did.

    1. I don’t know how much tax the donkeys will get. They need to put digital money fully in place first so that they can cut off anyone with a firearm (that wasn’t lost in a boating accident) from the financial system.

      They’re worried about losing in November, jumping “the gun” as it were.

      1. After they are done crashing the financial system, their digital ID will be worthless.
        Wealth will mean a can of spam, a bottle of whiskey or a pretty young woman.
        Maybe a filled woodshed or an E-bike and solar charger.
        A box of screws and stack of lumber.
        Actually, the best investment will be a try-pot, as was used for rendering whale blubber.
        Soylent green has a fuel component too.

        1. After a hard day of looting the wrecked landscape, it’s always good to return to the hovel and knock back a cold bottle of Soylent Green. At least that’s their vision.

    1. The camel is desperate to put its nose under the tent. Of course, any ban could be unbanned.

  3. Democrat operatives (felons). There, fixed it for you (and, if only I could).

  4. God creates The Ten Commandments, man immediately spends countless brain cells figuring work-around’s. The Founders knew this, but what they didn’t count on was direct tyranny from within at this level and the twisting of absolutes on their heads using syrupy fell-good language only a lawyer could make up. Checks & Balances are only as good as the character of those tasked with maintaining them, which, in our case, is remedial schooled Snake Oil Salesmen/Woman/Persons/Its and downright Liars/Cheats/Grifter’s. Most of them are not our best, but our worst.

    “For RR”- Modern fabric engineering of high-level tensile strength, clearly not made in China or at the most inopportune moment failure would occur.

    Maverick- For me movies are to lose yourself for a few hours…which is why we haven’t been in 2+ years with idiotic lockdowns interfering with America’s fun (can’t be happy, nooo, says Our Miserable Betters). Plausible is not my measure, but does it ‘feel’ real enough? Cruise makes good action films, gotta give him that, especially Part Two some 36 years later. Now if only we could invite him to the ranchette for a week, try to show him Christ instead of his preferred Ponzi Scheme Scientology, that would be something.

    1. The tranny movies, homosexual coming of age films and black films (all black cast, black cultural theme) tend to lose money and fail to attract at the box office. Top Gun Maverick has done well. Will that send a message to Hollywood?

      1. Same with Lefty Talk Radio, which says a lot.

        “message?”…No. She even had a large American Flag on the rear of the sailboat, one of those moments I got choked up. But it seems profits don’t matter to these people as they’ve gotten [printed] billions to trash their businesses. (take out pistol, aim at foot, pull trigger…blame the gun)

    2. “man immediately spends countless brain cells figuring work-arounds”
      One word to think about: ERUV.
      Note that the first search-hits all talk about how “the observant wouldn’t be able to use a cane, or push a wheelchair, outside of their homes on the Sabbath if it weren’t for the eruv.” Very humanitarian. Tugs at the heartstrings. How could you be against that? Why do you hate old and crippled people, you National Socialist? BUT, by enclosing a vast swath of municipal space within their wire, they’ve claimed that space as their property. As part of their “house”. That makes YOU a trespasser. It would make more sense to me to say, “Lord, this prohibition is unreasonable and hurts people. Can we have a dispensation, please?” That, rather than rules-lawyering the Almighty. That strikes me as impious at best, and a generally nasty thing to do. But what do I know.

      TG:M Great film, very enjoyable. Sure there were some plot holes and the like, but it was a fun movie that was blissfully free of The Message, and was respectful of the original characters, and of the legacy of the original film. And it’s reaping the rewards at the box office, which is excellent. Contrast that with Amazon’s woke Rings of Power which has negro elves, negro hobbits (Black Harfoots my yellow butt), and ass-kicking Warrior Galadriel. Why do the soi disant feminists keep trying to turn women into men? Galadriel is one of the most powerful and influential characters in Tolkien’s mythos. She doesn’t need to be remade into a bad pastiche of Arya Stark and Ygrette from Game of Thrones.

  5. If I may… (not to detract from 06.06.44)

    June 4th- “Killdozer Day” (Granby, CO), 18 years ago. Heemeyer said this after “officials” (aka. Town Nudges who were paid off by the concrete company that ruined Marvin’s business):

    “I was always willing to be reasonable until I had to be unreasonable. Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things.”

    We are now where Heemeyer got to 18 years ago. After getting stuck in a building he took his own life, the only one that day. Yet “officials” have only worsened their presures, never learning the lesson to “back off”. Then when people go ballistic these same officials point the finger, yelling “See!, this is why we need more regulation of [pick a targeted Constitutional freedom].”

    1. “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
      -George Bernard Shaw.

  6. D Day. My son in law (Metro cop and Army vet) and I watch it with my Grandkids every year. We cannot let it be drummed out of our kid’s minds what our forefathers went through to ensure our freedoms.

  7. Also, Battle of Midway going on, 80 years ago. Mostly over, by today.


      1. Just finished reading Saipan: The Battle That Doomed Japan. It kicked off ten days after D-Day and is still known as the Pacific battle that nobody has heard of. Casualties were as bad as Tarawa and war planners at the Pentagon had to revise their whole strategy with regards to invading the Jap home islands. Saipan saw the largest banzai suicide charge of the war, over 3000 Japanese soldiers and civilians charged the US Army lines and killed up to 400 GI’s before the marines moved up and helped the surviving GI’s exterminate every last one, and then watched 1000+ civilians throw themselves off the cliffs. The battle of the Philippine Sea happened at the same time, with the loss of 3 Jap flattops. They still had them, just no match for the power of the US fleet. The Marine Corp of today should hang their heads in shame. The book is a great read.

  8. After watching the original Top Gun a few times (back in the days when I bothered with HBO), I remember thinking to just skip the parts heavy in story and watch the RC models fly.

    I’m not expecting a great story here. I’m pretty much expecting a comic book rather than great literature, but that’s fine. Think we’ll go see TGM this week.

    1. I think that it was better than a comic book or graphic novel. Elements to be sure.

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