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It is Sunday, after all. I’m trying to make some effort here.

HMS Tigress – Historical Note

(above) Danish gunboats attacking H.M.S Tigress at Agersø, c. 1808 by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, 1783 – 1853

HMS Tigress launched 1801, was first the American merchantman Numa and then the French privateer Pierre Cézar that the Royal Navy acquired by capture and put into service as the gunbrig Tigress. She spent some time on the West African coast in the suppression of the slave trade. The Admiralty later renamed her Algerine. She was broken up in 1818.


“No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy.” – Adm. Horatio Nelson


For you Master and Commander fans

Spithead Anchorage, by Geoff Hunt

Several of the ships and vessels associated with Captain Jack Aubrey are gathered at Spithead, just off Portsmouth…From left to right the vessels are: Ariel, 18 gun sloop (The Surgeon’s Mate); Polychrest, experimental 24-gun sloop (Post Captain); foreground Leopard, 50-gun fourth-rate (Desolation Island); Boadicea, 38-gun frigate (The Mauritius Command); Ringle, Baltimore-built armed schooner (The Commodore)


War Drums

HMM-268 helo on the tarmac at Al Taqaddum, Iraq

I’ve heard that Pres-Elect Biden has already reached out to Iraq to change the “status of forces agreement” to allow for three US divisions in Northern Iraq as part of the push to “aid Syria”. The Military Industrial Complex is itching for a new war.


Progressive Corner


Porn Corner

FJ-40 Porn, because that is one sexy rig.


Though there is still hope…

The American Election won’t be like a bicycle race.


The Soldier Comes Home

However, if you’ve “seen the Elephant”, do you really ever come home? Things for you will never be the same. Not ever.


Message to Joe Biden —


  1. No sir, you really can’t go home again; you have to stand outside and look thru the windows.

    Pursuant to that remark, somebody has hemorrhaged money on that FJ-40 and as a result, probably think twice about getting it dirty or putting it in places it might get scratched. And that’s a shame. In my indolent yoot, I owned a green ’72 and got mine dirty and scratched up on a regular basis. The older I get the more I miss it. You drop the windshield like that and drive around, and the thing would just kinda expand whilst visions of “Rat Patrol” would dance in your head. One spring break, I drove it half way across the country on a lost love mission and once in a while, wonder whatever happened to her. The Landcruiser, of course, not the girl……

  2. None of that about De Blasio surprises me. NYC has really gone downhill on his watch.
    I’ve had some contact with the Pholosopher. Ethnically she’s Vietnamese and politically De Blasio’s opposite number. A very bright and rather nice young woman who loves to shoot.

  3. So, Tigress v. gunboats.

    Does anybody know of an actual instance of that sort of gunboat / galley, right up into the Age of Steam flatiron type, where small vessels equipped with one or two very big guns were supposed to be able to “swarm” larger naval vessels, where it actually worked?

    I don’t, yet the idea persisted for centuries.


    • The Moroccans (Barbary pirates) did it with some success as did the other brand of pirates in the Caribbean. They swarmed lumbering “armed merchantmen” sailing without a military escort, using lighter boats with lateen sails.

  4. I enjoyed this sermon, especially the rig.

    But wow, they just can’t stop themselves from going to war. You’d think the Left would be against the MIC, but no.

    • The Left liked the MIC just fine in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, and the PRC…

      Why not here?

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