China in Focus (youtube link)

Hunter Biden’s business partner may have helped set up meetings between White House officials and Chinese tycoons. That’s according to more leaked emails from the former vice president’s son.

China’s GDP numbers are out. But are they telling the truth?

Hanging the national flags of the US, UK, and Australia from an apartment’s windows attracts the attention of police in China. But someone is still doing just that.

Students in mainland China seem to be taking inspiration from Hong Kong protesters’ slogans. Hongkonger’s tactics also resonate with Thailand and Korea.

The US, Japan, India, and Australia will hold a naval exercise. Japan will export weapons to Vietnam. And this, amidst Chinese military aggression in the South China Sea.


The Great 2020 Turkey War

The war against Thanksgiving with California laying down guidelines aimed at removing whatever family fun you might plan to enjoy. The only exemption from the rules, it would seem, is if you’re hosting a Black Lives Matter Protest. As a result, there will be more than a few families gathered under that rubric.  Present plans call for me to be visiting in California (the Worker’s Paradise) during Thanksgiving, but those plans are not set in stone.

There is no guarantee that there won’t be rolling black-outs in parts of California during the holidays.


And the 2020 Candy War

I’m not a big fan of Halloween in general but the kids seem to enjoy it. I have suggested to my children that the grandchildren should be allowed to trick-or-treat irrespective of state guidelines. My children, to tend to be conservative, have advised that due to the plague, they’re not going to send the little candy harvesters out. I guess that there is a lot of social pressure being applied to families that would send children out wearing masks, because you wear masks on Halloween.

They’ve implied that since I’m sort of a hermit, living at the remote White Wolf Mine, that I’m not in touch with the problems of living under the threat of plague…. oh, brother.

You can buy these ceramic skulls to burn in your fire pit – not necessarily JUST at Halloween. I’m not selling them. I receive no commission.


Country Girls?


Biden is still Hidin’

It may not be a bad strategy. Corrupt, creepy, senile, old Joe hides in his basement while the media shouts his praises. He’s an owned politician and President Trump is not. This election will let us all know whether the US population in general is insane or not.

The Election is Coming


  1. I always liked Annie Oakley.

    Many good “memes” here today.

    Those fireplace skulls are great!

    • How can you have a fire ring anymore without some ceramic skulls in it? Real skulls will burn, so that’s a short term answer and burning bones give off an unpleasant odor.

      • I once knew a girl with eyes like those (in the girl pictured above). It was in a country that no longer exists, in the now so long ago, in the days of my youth when both the world, and I, were young. She was a team leader on one of the armed propaganda teams. We once spent a very pleasant ten days together in Dalat. A pretty little thing, she stood an inch or so under five foot. Never went anywhere without an ivory handled 9mm Browning Hi-Power.

        The only girl in her family, she had four brothers. At the time, the eldest brother was an ARVN Airborne Battalion commander in I Corps, the second was a senior Special Branch officer in the Delta, the third brother, her twin, was an officer in either the CIO or the MSS, it was never clear which. In retrospect, I think it was both. I also had my suspicions that he was working for the French, too. Whilst this might seem odd, or implausible, to those running and gunning in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, or Thailand in the 1960s, nothing was odd or implausible. The youngest brother was a cadet at the National Military Academy. Their parents lived in France, although they maintained a villa in Saigon, in one of the quiet side streets, at the top of Tu Do Street, a short stroll from the Notre-Dame Cathedral. In addition to their native Vietnamese, all the siblings spoke fluent English, French, and Mandarin. Additionally, she and her twin brother, both spoke fluent Cantonese.

        If one had been naive enough, or foolhardy enough, one could easily have fallen in love with her. Until you looked deep into her eyes, that is. There was nothing there, nothing. It was like looking into a black hole, or at the seabed in the depths of the deepest ocean.

        The last I heard they all managed to escape, in 1975, and join their parents in France. I have sometimes wondered, over the years, if, ultimately, she married some unsuspecting Frenchman, who went through life completely unaware that he was sharing his bed with a true apex predator.

        • I think that she has a twin sister too. (maybe triplets)

          And I know what you mean about dodging the bullet – though at times you don’t want to for obvious reasons.

          • Larry. Could not reply to your comment below as there was no reply button below it. The family was Catholic, originally from the North. They moved South, to Saigon, during the French colonial period, some time around 1900, if my memory serves me correctly.

          • You did it right, just find the reply button above and it slides the comment in below.

            Do you know what ever happened to Bosco?

          • The last time I saw Bosco he was still running the Club Hong Kong on Clement Street. Have not seen or heard of him since then. I understand that the club is now closed. I wonder whatever happened to the very large bottle of scotch, which was above the bar in memory of Tom Perdue.

          • I think that it was Jack Daniels.

            I reached out to Bill C. after I posted the question here. He said that Bosco sold the bar, the restaurant and was running and gunning with the triads, last he heard.

          • Yes, you are right. Now that I think of it, it was Jack Daniels. We had some great nights at the bar. I always remember Bosco coming to Tom’s funeral. Brought both his wife and his mistress (do not know if, in the intervening years, he kept the same wife and mistress or updated them).

        • Bosco had more than one mistress. He brought his favorite one, and his wife to the funeral. There is no telling what he’s up to now or even if he’s living. The Triad lifestyle tends to take its toll eventually.

          He had a completely different mistress at Tony Po’s funeral.

          You know, Mike, we have lived through interesting times.

          • Ah, Tony Poe. Now that’s another interesting tale. Yes, I most certainly agree with you. We most certainly have lived through some interesting times.

  2. “All Hallows Eve” was a fun time as a kid with creative costume making and collecting the goods (except for the creepy house no one went to). Being sequestered from the fray as you we have no door knockers here, but as with everything the Left touches, the Covid fear-mongering to wreck yet another tradition is par for the course for these losers. If I was a parent in a neighborhood I’d get the place together and have an awesome Trick or Treat evening, blocking off the main roads in to keep the ninnies out.

    Last Meme is spot on, really odd there are people who think the Dems have anything to offer. Paid Obama to leave the MV compound in a last gasp move to energize the 30 people there (who came for the free Rolling Rock and cheese steaks). As expected he was in full Community Organizer Preacher mode. Fell flat. Harris, at her deal, asks the supplanted attendees in their ridiculous 6′ chalk circles, “Everyone excited to vote!?”…crickets. They are a sad bunch.

    Working on a new “back patio” area raised fire pit design…burning skulls are apropos for this year. Amazon has free delivery with Prime.

    • I’d stay until my third Rolling Rock and second cheesesteak was gone, then I’d leave. But that’s how I roll. Greedy like that. (haha) Maybe ask for two Rolling Rocks and a cheesesteak to go put them in the refrigerator and heat up the sandwich later.

      • Absolutely, if they’re offering I’m on it…likely Pat’s, not Gino’s, but wouldn’t complain either way. The Rolling Rock was a joke of course.

        • The democrats are known to host steak bbq’s. I’d go if there was one locally until my steak was finished, before the propaganda started.

  3. And now I have to get some ceramic skulls. Will you watch the debate tonight? I understand there’ll be an asteroid flyover at about that time.

  4. Looks like I’m going to need a fire pit. The skulls run about $50 each on Amazon. I may need to accumulate them gradually.

    • If you do, just tell people, “hey, I added a skull the problem is that they burn down to ash too quickly.”

    • That’s not a bad idea. Ship all of San Francisco’s homeless to Chico and pay to keep them in booze and drugs. They can boost the food that they need from the local stores. No need for SF to feed them. Soon, 200,000 homeless in Chico, a city formerly of 100,000. They’d want to put a fence around the place to keep them in…”Escape from Chico” – A major motion picture coming to a theater near you!

  5. Raising young ones in today’s environment is a challenge I’m glad I escaped. Having them growing up in a government manufactured scare must take much of the joy out of their lives. I grew up during the “Red Scare” but we didn’t have mass media pumping out propaganda constantly. Maybe Granddad can give them some age appropriate wisdom.

    • Grandad/dad is FULL of wisdom. Like, “If you’re going to wear that Trump hat in CA, put a pistol in your pocket.”

  6. Cali is at war with everything.

    I’m really surprised you and some of your associates don’t just run in and kidnap your family for their own good.

    Thanksgiving without turkey? No f’in way.

    And you can bet that Cali will pull the power plug on conservative sections come Turkey Day. Because Cali is asshole.

    China? No. You cannot trust their figures. By design they lie about everything. If a ChiCom told me the sky was blue I’d have to take serious measurements for days to make sure. Better yet, punch said ChiCom because ChiCom is trying to distract me from watching said ChiCom.

    China is asshole. Even more so than Cali. Which says so much.

    I’ve given up talking to leftists and morons and moron leftists and leftist morons about the fallacy of ‘renewable’ energy, from solar, to wind, to garbage to biomass. And about what really powers the powerplants. You can’t talk to a brainwashed and programmed leftist. You can only take active measures to deprogram them with some plumbum wrapped maybe in a cupric alloy.

    • Put one rap of det-cord around the neck of said leftist, loosely, set it off. All that happens is that some skin and a little meat is blown away. Their hearing will come back, but the headache will last a day or two. You can batch-re-educate by stringing the det cord between twenty of them. But before you detonate it, take the leader (likely paid by Soros), and give the bastard three or four wraps tight and pop it. The head comes off. Sometimes not all the way.

      It’s cheaper than dropping them from a helicopter but maybe not as satisfying.

  7. If the kids don’t want the grandkids out to trick or treat, because it looks bad to the neighbors, just tell them the kids are looting. That’s still perfectly acceptable. The grandkids can even dress in the black bloc wardrobe the rioters and looters wear.

    • I don’t think that my children would let the grandkids do that. There is a story baked into family lore that they were all witness to when neighborhood kids, dressed as ninjas, were caught creeping around the house. My oldest said, “Take your .45, Dad.” I just took the tomahawk. I didn’t know that they were neighborhood kids, but I wanted to be as silent as possible.

  8. I was going to trunk or treat at the church parking lot with the grands, costumed as a Democrat . But gave it up. I couldn’t get my head up my ass.

    • Democrats can do that with ease. What is wrong with you, Keith?

      They shove them up there and then look out through a glass belly button and tell you how the world looks from there. Just listen to Kamala Harris.

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