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Disney’s $200M live-action ‘Mulan’ is facing global backlash. Its star publicly supported Hong Kong police during pro-democracy protests, and its producer thanked the Public Security Bureau of Xinjiang region, where millions of Uyghurs are being held in camps. Disney lost all credibility with me when they pulled out of Georgia because of abortion laws. The Disney philosophy is abortion on demand up to the moment of birth. I thought that it was a pro-family company. It was once, when Walt was alive. A lot changed since then. The Communist Chinese market is lucrative so Disney is in their pocket for the cash. Sort of like Creepy, Corrupt Joe Biden and friends.

-A Chinese military scientist claims her vaccine can handle all virus mutations. Good, let the Chinese take it. 

-Free Hong Kong no more – is moving more heavily under Beijing’s boot. As expected. Anyone with the means and capacity needs to leave. In that, it’s not unlike New York where people are fleeing the new communist donkey administration. At least New York can vote the creeps out. Not in China or Hong Kong. There is only one party.

-And amid tense relations between Australia and China, two Australian correspondents were rushed out of China Monday night. One of them said, ‘it’s a relief to be back in a country with genuine rule of law.’

-2.5 miles of dead fish.

Manipulating America: The Chinese Communist Playbook





The Concentration of Hispanic-Americans by State


Median Housing Price by State


Despite the Global Warming Narrative

The data is remarkably consistent. I wonder why that is?


  1. Why is the info on summer ice sheets and the beginning of the freeze cycle and advancing glaciers in Greenland being hidden? Because there’s no money in it for the socialists and communists and democrats.

    Currently watching a program about some asshat trying to sail the Northwest Passage in a concrete sailboat because the ‘summer ice’ is at it’s lowest. The truth? The ice is getting worse every year since the early 70’s.

    But… No money in not generating panic.

    As to the Rat? Been un-enchanted with them for so many years, once I had ‘friends’ that worked there and learned how perved out they all seemed to be, and how shitty management has been since Walt got his head frozen.

    And Communist China overall? The truth is finally coming out about how horrible the place is, yet nobody is freaking out (or so it seems.) And now the ChiComs are going after the Mongols in Inner Mongolia (part of Communist China.) After watching some of the Hu videos, I don’t think the ChiComs quite remember what happened the last time the Mongols got freaky.

    • Had some friends who worked in the park as the characters you see walking around.

      They all said it was NOT “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Long hours, shitty pay, extreme restrictions on interacting with the public, etc, etc, etc.

      • Aussie Rule of Law, in the sense that you can leave and not have the government threaten to kill your family unless you do what they say.

        For now.


        • California, the US State, attacks people who leave. They levy taxes as if you still lived there and impound your federal tax return. I moved to Arizona and registered my cars in Arizona. For the ensuing two years, they have impounded auto registration fees, though the cars had been registered in Arizona, California plates returned by registered mail from day one.

          I complained, They laughed.

          • They kept sending us renewal notices for our cars, but that stopped as soon as we retitled them here.

            Our expired plates are now wall-hangers.

  2. Ah, our old enemy, The Weather. Part of the opposition’s strategy is to CONFUSE and WEAKEN by constantly changing yet remaining the same. It works well, but the downside is that people become bored of “same old, same old, it’s the weather” and move on to other things. Like having a border is Nazi or America’s systemically racist.

    That in mind, to what extent does China own the NBA?

      • I think that the NBA is a Chinese franchise, and maybe the NFL too. Look at all the BLM propaganda at the new NFL games. They sing the BLM theme song and fly the BLM flag.

        • Why? Are the Chicoms using the NBA and NFL to destabilize the US? (Not that they need to do that, turns out pro sports franchises are frequently owned by homegrown domestic subversives.) I have a hard time believing the Chinaman on the street is enthralled by watching some negros cavorting in the court or the field, seeing as Chinese openly despise negros.

          • I think that it’s a PRC thing. The Chinaman on the street could care less about negroes dribbling basketballs and trying to dunk them.

    • Eventually there won’t be anywhere for us to run, and we’ll have to content ourselves with the FEMA re-education camp.

    • The police are the only thing standing between the BLM/Antifa crowd and the citizens, ironically. Take away the police and it’s open season with no bag limit.

      • The money people behind BLM/Antifa know the consequences, and approve. The dummies on the street don’t realize the police are the only ones protecting them.

        I’m fairly certain the identity of the money people is known to some. Action plans?

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