Looking back a day to 2020

There were no liberal states…only liberal cities. Except for Vermont and Connecticut… And I’m not even sure about those, given the rigged voting machines. When you take the “Dominion Insurance Policy” out of the mix, did the donkeys win a single state?


Is anyone into Sacrificing Vegans Today?

The ferric oxide (rust)-rich soil of Hormuz Island in the Persian Gulf is perfect for metal album covers and vegan blood sacrifices.


Here’s another fine mess you got me into…

We are in the position that we find ourselves in because we treated (and continue to treat) politicians like celebrities instead of servants.

In turn, they see themselves as rulers and not as representatives.

A look back through history finds that it’s not an uncommon situation.


The Photo (below)

It is referred to as the most intelligent picture ever taken: Participants of the 5th Solvay Conference on Quantum Mechanics, 1927. They are, among others: Albert Einstein, Marie S. Curie, and Niels Bohr. 17 of the 29 attendees were or became Nobel Prize winners. They’re all dead now. One can but wonder what they think of their present situation.


Cartel Concerns

The Mexicans dominate much of the drug trade in the Americas and in Europe. Even if they are not the hands-on distributors, they impact the price because of supply and demand.

As we roll into 2021, I thought that I’d share how they are feeling about the situation. They are hopeful that if VP Joe Biden and his consort (Jo and Ho) take office, that they can simply donate to the cause to free key people who are now in custody. Grease well-applied is not an unfamiliar activity for the cartels and we know that Joe is cool with that.

The concern that hard drugs will be legalized, also a donkey talking point, would hurt their bottom line, but they do sell to the world, not just to the USA.

Thus, even the drug cartels have concerns as we enter this new year.



Iggy Says “Hi”

The Officers and Crew of the USS Paul Ignatius send best wishes to Virtual Mirage for the New Year.


New for 2021

The AGM-183 ARRW is a hypersonic weapon planned for use by the United States Air Force. Developed by Lockheed Martin, the boost glide weapon is propelled to a maximum speed of Mach 20 by a missile before gliding towards its target.

When it must get there on time.

I wonder how long it will take for the Biden Administration to sell a few dozen of these to the People’s Republic of China?



  1. Are those truly submersible craft, or just something with about zip for freeboard?

    Looks like you have a list if minor poxes there. Getting training from Fredd?

    Thank you, Iggy! NEPM sends BZ!

    How can we keep our military systems secret? A question for the ages. Doesn’t even begin to cover actual hardware “disappearing”, though…..

    • They don’t have a pressure hull (I commented in more detail below in response to WWW). Just a boat with a low/nearly no freeboard and an exhaust system that is water cooled to reduce the IR signature.

      I worry about hardware transfer during the Biden regime to allow the ChiComs to catch up.

    • Yes — that should be added, because what would we do without fake extended vehicle warranty calls?

  2. Happy New Year, LL. The next week or two is going to very interesting (which is my way of saying bat shit crazy. It’s sort of like when I call someone “odd” which also translates to bsc.)

    No surrender, no retreat!

  3. Sell the technology? Surely you jest. As a wholly owned subsiderary of the Chinese, the Biden Crime Syndicate will just transfer the technology without cost.

    The semi-submersibles are interesting, but I wonder why they haven’t built actual submarines by now. Or maybe they have.

    • The Cartels are said to have purchased one of two Russian Project 865 Piranha midget submarines from the reserve fleet (years ago). They were having difficulty getting parts for it and it couldn’t travel much below periscope depth. The US Navy is rumored to have tracked the boat as it transited the Mexican Pacific Coast into US waters, where it disgorged its cargo from torpedo tubes. The crew were a blend of Russian and Mexican. Don’t ask me how I know.

      Once you need a genuine pressure hull, the expense and complexity of a submarine increases exponentially. The low profile boats, “semi-submersible” run on a diesel engine, and are cost effective. They work.

  4. +1 to the comment Mr. WW West made. Why pay when Joe will just give it away?
    I don’t have Comcast, but I do have Centurylink. Couldn’t say which is worse.

  5. Happy(?) New Year, LL! Again we will be living in interesting times from and because of the Chinese Curse.

    I will not be surprised if all of our TS military technology ends up in the hands of the CCP within short order if the Democrats take over the Executive.

  6. Happy New Year! Now I get to write the wrong date on a bunch of checks, and have to re-do them.

    Hello and thanks to the crew of the Iggy. Hopefully, the Party will still allow them to access
    VM in the new year. Or barring that, they have a Good Egg in the radio shack.

    I always think of those “drug subs” as Cargo Davids, but that’s too obscure a reference for the general public or the MSM. Actual range and navigability are very hard and expensive once you go to real subs. They also need much better crews.

    I’m all in favor of giving the PRC free US weapons… at terminal velocity.

  7. What would that group of brilliant folks say? “Geez, we gave them the answers to some very difficult problems…we pass on, and now look what they’ve done with the place….can’t fix stupid.”

    Maybe this year, through citizen pushback in a massive American societal reset, the politicians will be forced to relearn that THEY WORK FOR US! (One can hope)

    • You had Biden openly campaigning on the platform that “I don’t work for you”. So I have little hope that the notion will trickle-up.

      • Politicians speak in code, but with limited brain capacity Biden was being truthful. Pay attention to what he says, might just offer insight.

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